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From JR Akihabara station, head towards the “Akiba-kei (Akihabara-style)” stores, lined up along Chuo-dori Street. Waitresses wearing maid uniforms are ready to welcome you in maid cafés, which originated here in Akihabara. Lastly, go shopping in Yodobashi-Akiba, where a wide variety of commodities, including the latest electronic gadgets, are available.

13:00 JR Akihabara Station

Walk 5 minutes

13:05 Map: 1Chuo-dori Street

Chuo-dori Street is just by the Electronics District Exit of Akihabara Station. The street, which connects to Ueno in the north and Ginza in the south, is lined with specialty gaming stores, household appliances and computer stores, which are the so-called Akiba-kei (Akihabara-style) stores.


15:00 Map: 2Maid cafés

Back in 2001, maid cafés popped up in Akihabara, where waitresses in a maid’s uniform welcome you into the café. The design and original menu varies depending on the establishment, plus they also hold collaborative events involving anime and gaming.

Walk 2 minutes

17:00 Map: 3Yodobashi-Akiba

Yodobashi-Akiba is one of the largest shopping establishments in Japan. There are about 850,000 items on hand, including DLSR cameras, the latest electronic gadgets, figurines, toys, Japan-made and imported high-class wristwatches, branded bags, and cosmetics. With its tax-exemption services, acceptance of payment with a China UnionPay card, and stationed staff that can speak English, Chinese, and Korean, Yodobashi-Akiba is visited by various customers, regardless of nationality, age, and gender. Enjoy sushi, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), and the like at the restaurant on the topmost floor.

Walk 2 minutes

20:00 JR Akihabara Station

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