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Course: Taishakuten Daikyoji Temple -> Yagiri-no-watashi ferry landing -> KATSUSIKAKU YAMAMOTO-TEI -> Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san Museum

The course explores the beautiful temple town of Shibamata, brimming with the nostalgic charm of the shitamachi middle-class area of Tokyo, and known as the setting of the film series Otoko wa tsurai yo (It’s Tough Being a Man). Start at Shibamata Station, which features a statue of the film’s lead character, Tora-san. Stroll down the lively approach to Taishakuten Temple. Make for the Edogawa River to the Yagiri-no-watashi ferry landing, famous for its depiction in novels and songs. Finally, pass through the garden of Yamamoto-tei and head to the Tora-san Museum.

10:00 Keisei Kanamachi Line Shibamata Station

Shibamata Station

Start at Shibamata Station, which features a statue of Tora-san in the plaza.

Walk 3 minutes

10:03 Map: 1Taishakuten-Sando (The Approach to Taishakuten)

Taishakuten-sando approach

The 200-meter-long path between Shibamata Station and Taishakuten Temple retains the nostalgic charm of years gone by. On the right-hand side is Toraya, the sweets shop used during the filming of the Tora-san movies. The approach is always lively, lined also with cozy shops selling dango dumplings and sembei crackers, and eateries serving specialty dishes of eel and carp.

Walk 20 minutes

10:23 Map: 2Taishakuten Daikyoji Temple


Taishakuten Temple is another familiar setting of the Tora-san movies. Past the graceful Niten-mon Gate guarded by solemn towering wooden sculptures, the Zuiryu-no-matsu pine tree unfolds its branches before the inner temple of Taishakudo. Other highlights include the garden and the sculpture gallery.

the bank of the Edogawa River

Walk 15 minutes
Head to the bank of the Edogawa River.

11:38 Map: 3Yagiri-no-watashi ferry landing

Yagiri-no-watashi ferry landing

Yagiri-no-watashi were ferry landings built specially for local farmers by the shogunate in the early Edo period (1603–1868). This is the only landing remaining is in Tokyo and it is famous for being depicted in novels and songs. Board the ferryboat, cruise to the other side, and return.

Walk 7 minutes



Yamamoto-tei was the residence of Einosuke Yamamoto, founder of the Yamamoto Plant, a manufacturer of camera components. Highlights are the hybrid building featuring a traditional Japanese drawing room layout and Western architecture, and the pure Japanese-style garden. There is an admission fee in order to enter, but visitors are free to walk through the garden. Enjoy a nice stroll, since this is also a shortcut to the Tora-san Museum.

Walk 3 minutes

14:00 Map: 5Katsushika Shibamata Tora-san Museum

Tora-san Museum

The Tora-san Museum replicates the world of the film series Otoko wa tsurai yo (It’s Tough Being a Man). The Kurumaya sweets shop set in the exhibit is the actual set used in Shochiku’s Ofuna Studio. Also on display are costumes, Tora-san’s suitcase, screenplays, and videos. Across the street is the Yoji Yamada Museum, which introduces a collection of works by the director.

Walk 20 minutes

15:30 Keisei Kanamachi Line Shibamata Station

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