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Updated: April 2, 2018

Tara Milk Tea

Country/Region: Australia

Number of Visits to Japan: 4

Have a drink with friendly locals in Ebisu Yokocho and then catch a show in the vibrant district of Roppongi. Indulge in some modern sake and try something different for dinner before hanging out in a Roppongi bar, making new friends until the sun rises.

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Ebisu Yokocho (alley)

Ebisu Yokocho(alley) is full of restaurants, visited mostly by locals, and the tourists who are there are the ones who know what’s up. We were pretty early so we didn’t see the alley in it’s peak time, unfortunately. We were told that by 8pm it gets really packed in there. From the food we ate, and the vibe of the place, we could already tell it would be a popular spot. Because it’s an alley & the vendors are able to share the facilities, the prices are very reasonable, which also makes it an attractive spot to visit by nightfall.

TrainandWalking15 mins

Ebisu Station to Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line


Enjoy a show in Roppongi

Kaguwa Bar

One of the most unexpected surprises on our trip was Kaguwa Bar! ‘Kaguwa’ means aroma, or smell of Japan, and is a new age, non traditional show you can find in the Roppongi area. I really don’t want to spoil too much, but if you have time in Tokyo, I highly recommend this experience. Without giving away everything, it’s basically a drag show that puts a comedic spin on some of Japan’s traditional tales. For those who enjoy the novelty element, this is for you! You have to be over 18 to go, so it’s not for families.
※ The venue will be closed temporarily from April 15th due to planned relocation.

Walking10 mins


A taste of modern sake

Bar Densui

"Bar Densui Roppongi For lovers of sake! Or for those willing to try, like me! Bar Densui is a new and modern sake bar in Roppongi. To accompany your sake experience, you can order lots of different dishes, but you may need a local to help you out. Alternatively you can try your luck & point at random things on the menu. We had a starter set with a unique mix of flavours and small Japanese style dishes.
We tried three levels of sake, and if you’re interested to know what they were, please try.
I’m not big on sake, or alcohol for that matter, but I’m always keen to try things like this! Like most of the other experiences on this list, these were spots where you’d mostly find locals, which in my opinion is always the best place to be.


Walking5 mins


A night in Roppongi

Esprit Tokyo

Hangout at club full of tourists Roppongi used to be considered the disco area in the 80s. Celebrating its 6th anniversary, we headed over to Club Esprit Tokyo, which a Bar in the Roppongi area for a place to hang out after midnight. It’s a chilled out place where expats and locals can mingle in an intimate environment.

Note: This article was written by a blogger invited to contribute a story for the 2019 project promoting Tokyo nightlife tourism.

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