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Updated: March 20, 2019

Camille Malleroni

Country/Region: France

Interests: Travel, photography

Number of Visits to Japan: 4

What Do You Think of Tokyo?: It's a great place to visit the main historical sites, as well as wander around the city's temples and parks. There are also opportunities to admire illuminations and do some shopping.

Spend a fun evening in Tokyo combining the magical atmosphere of the Digital Art Museum with the excitement of the activities on offer at the Sky Circus. Immerse yourself in an enchanting world, where all your senses are awake. The end of the evening will be, for its part, much quieter, the aim being to enjoy time with friends over a drink and a few sweets.

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An immersive treat for the senses

Mori Building Digital Art Museum

I think this is the most interesting contemporary museum I have ever seen in my life. We are immersed in a totally phantasmagorical world, where real and imaginary are mixed to create a space that is both digital but very human at the same time. I think it is a beautiful reconciliation between the virtual world and the human world because all the senses are awake! Sight, hearing, touch, and smell are stimulated. And the fact that we are plunged into the dark, with bright lights that come to surprise us, greatly increases this sensation. In the dark, all our senses are heightened.

I also really liked the fact that nature is showcased. Butterflies, flowers, and animals are omnipresent in the museum's world and pass from room to room as if to remind us of their existence, which is so precious. And I love when something created digitally reminds us how real nature is the basis of humanity. I personally see a message of peace and harmony, aimed at the preservation of the planet and endangered species.

To finish I would say that the museum deserves several hours of your time, in order for you to be able to explore everything and enjoy each animation. So this visit was just a sample and really made me want to go back!

TrainandWalking70 mins

From Aomi Station, take the Yurikamome Line to Toyosu Station. At Toyosu, transfer to the Yurakucho Line. Get off at Ikebukuro Station, and walk for 10 minutes.


Virtual reality with a view at an "experience-based observatory"

SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observation Deck

Climbing to the 60th floor of the tower where the Sky Circus is located is already an experience in itself! The view from the top is wonderful, and you can see Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree from large windows. Several activities are offered at the Sky Circus, all in virtual reality. If you have never tried this type of experience, you must know that it artificially reproduces sensory experiences, including sight, touch, hearing or even smell. Put a virtual-reality headset over your eyes and headphones on your ears, and voila!

At the Sky Circus, virtual reality is pushed to its peak since your whole body moves on certain attractions. This is particularly the case for one of the key attractions: Tokyo Bullet Flight. You will feel yourself flying through the air at high speed, then twirling in the air and zigzagging between the buildings of Tokyo. The sensations are strong, without ever being too scary. It was the attraction that I preferred best. I regret, however, that the graphics are not more realistic in general, because that would be even more impressive. The Sky Circus can be visited by friends, couples, or families—everyone can find something to enjoy, no matter how old!

Walking15 mins


Indulge your sweet tooth in a bar with a retro ambiance

Ikebukuro Dagashi Bar

This bar has a very interesting concept: you can enjoy sweets while having a drink. Just pay ¥500 per person to eat unlimited sweets and chips! The sweets that are found in Japan are not at all the same as those found in other countries, so choosing candy from those on offer is already a great experience in itself. Personally, I loved the concept and I would like to have the same thing in my country. It is great to come here with friends or as a couple. Moreover, there is no age limit for being able to appreciate this bar's concept. I even saw a group of Japanese businessmen come in to drink after work—it was really funny to see. If you celebrate your birthday in this bar, you can receive a cake made of sweets, which is super nice! Ikebukuro Dagashi Bar's decorations and general atmosphere are also very pleasant. As for the location, it's hidden at the top of a set of small wooden stairs, so it's reserved for the truly dedicated.

Note: This article was written by a blogger invited to contribute a story for the 2018 project promoting Tokyo nightlife tourism.

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