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For both inner and outer beauty, try these Tokyo spots

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Updated: May 13, 2019

Ayane Sakamoto

Beauty Advisor

With a strong desire to enrich women's lives through cosmetics, Ayane sought out a career in the beauty industry. Starting out in a very different field, she studied the history of western film at university. Ayane continues to feed her love of visual arts with regular gallery visits.

I always recommend Ginza for the beauty needs of people visiting Tokyo. Cosmetics specialty shops and department store beauty counters such as Shiseido The Store and Panasonic Beauty Salon offer the very latest in quality beauty goods. Not just limited to Ginza though, there are plenty of other places offering artistic and cosmetic inspiration dotted around the city.

  1. A trip to the nail salon Prish in Shibuya gives you a truly invigorating experience
  2. Take in some artwork in a stimulating and relaxing environment at the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum in Chiyoda City
  3. On a day off, I head to Daikanyama T-Site. I like to browse the bookshelves in the multi-level bookshop and hang out in the large cafe full of green shrubbery
  4. Chano-ma Nakameguro is another favorite of mine to relax in, enjoying a cup of coffee with views of the Meguro River

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