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Updated: February 4, 2021



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Bell moved to Japan in 2015 and began blogging about her life. She shares her unique lifestyle and travel experiences in Japan from the perspective of a Hong Kong native via her blog and social media pages. Bell posts content on many topics, including travel, shopping, gaming, and taking care of everyday tasks. While her posts are all insightful, she's especially talented at locating places to enjoy delicious gourmet food!

When I'm recommending a place to go eat, there are three things that I consider. Is the food delicious? Does the food or drink look good in a photograph? Does the experience offer something uniquely Japanese? I'm going to introduce a few places in Tokyo that have all of these qualities, and more. These spots don't just have fantastic food or drink; they provide a great atmosphere too. Also, many cafes in Japan have stylish staff uniforms, so be sure to look out for them!

  1. Maison Able Cafe Ron Ron is a sweet shop styled like a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Customers can pick from a variety of sweets!
  2. Shirohige's Cream Puff Factory offers Totoro-shaped cream puffs that are both cute and delicious.
  3. Kitaro Chaya has a historic Japanese atmosphere and an Instagram-worthy "yokai" menu sure to be a hit with anime fans!
  4. Nakamura Tokichi's Ginza location offers an exclusive "Bessei Marutto Parfait," made with high-quality matcha.

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