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A local connoisseur guides us through Gotanda’s many fine choice

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Updated: April 2, 2018

Chiho Tanaka


Chiho Tanaka has been working in Gotanda for five years at Gakken Plus—a publishing company developing study materials for elementary and middle school students. During this time, she has become an expert on the area's many cafes and restaurants while on lunch breaks.

Don't let all the office buildings fool you—Gotanda is a vibrant area with a real feeling of warmth and friendliness. The station area offers many food options from top notch Chinese to savory Italian, posh dining bars to Japanese junk-food favorite okonomiyaki made right before your eyes. Here are my top picks.

  1. Chinka Shisai serves Szechuan tofu which I recommend to anyone who enjoys spicy food
  2. Spice Bar Where offers a posh dining bar setting with spiced karaage (fried chicken) as a specialty
  3. Gotanda Dei caters to discerning drinkers and rice wine connoisseurs with its wide array of sake
  4. Okonomiyaki Imari has counter seats where you can sit and watch your meal being fried up right before you
  5. EL TRES combines fine Italian cuisine and a charming riverside setting with lovely cherry blossoms in spring

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