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Updated: September 6, 2022

Tokyo is home to a great number of cafes and restaurants with spacious outdoor seating. Some of these open terraces are set within the biggest and best-known parks in the city, while others are in hidden corners. Some are new developments with modern architecture and design, while others have been running for over a century.
All of them feature gorgeous scenery, particularly during the spring, summer, and autumn months. They also offer healthy and intriguing menus that may change to suit the time of day. These terraces make for chill, comforting places to spend time in the busy metropolis.


  • EVERYONEs CAFE is the ideal place to take a break after visiting the Tokyo National Museum.
  • Racines Farm to Park is lit up in the evening, so try stopping by after sunset.
  • Eat at Hibiya Matsumotoro, and you'll be following in the footsteps of the famous author Natsume Soseki—a former customer.
  • When visiting Little Darling Coffee Roasters, pop into one of the nearby florists to take a piece of nature home with you.


Ueno Park is one of the most-visited green spaces in the city. It combines natural beauty with a huge range of attractions, including museums, art galleries, shrines, and a zoo.
Nestled within that greenery is EVERYONEs CAFE, an inviting space with both indoor and outdoor seating. As the name implies, it's designed to offer something for everyone. The cafe uses locally grown ingredients. If you feel like variety, order the EVERYONEs CAFE Garden Plate—a colorful selection of small dishes using seasonal ingredients. For drinks, try the aromatic herbal tea, made with freshly-picked herbs from a farm in Nishitokyo. And for dessert, why not indulge in a stack of extra fluffy pancakes? They're made using locally produced milk, and they have a wonderfully soft and smooth texture. The menu changes according to the season, so there's always something new to try.

Racines Farm to Park (Minami-Ikebukuro Park)

Ikebukuro is among Tokyo's largest urban centers, and it's well known as a shopping destination and transport hub. But hidden among the malls and office buildings are pockets of natural beauty. Minami-Ikebukuro Park stands out, thanks to Racines Farm to Park, a cafe standing within its borders. The outdoor seating faces a spacious lawn, where locals come to relax. Visit early in the day to try the Special Morning Plate, with bread, bacon, salad, and eggs served sunny side up. Or, visit later in the day to try sandwiches or waffles. In the evenings, the cafe serves craft beer, wine, and cocktails—so you can enjoy a leisurely drink as you take in the view of the sun setting behind the surrounding skyscrapers. Racines Farm to Park is just a three-minute walk from Ikebukuro's main train station.

Hibiya Matsumotoro Grill & Garden Terrace (Hibiya Park)

Hibiya Matsumotoro is a restaurant that feels like a country retreat, deep within the forest. It can actually be found in Hibiya Park, which was Japan's first Western-style park. This family-run business, set within a three-story building, has been operating since 1903, the year the park first opened. Its menu hasn't changed, either—Hibiya Matsumotoro has long specialized in Western food with a Japanese twist, such as omurice (rice wrapped in an omelet) and Japanese curry. The garden terrace is both attractive and comfortable, with colorful flowers to enjoy and parasols to protect you from the sun. The food on offer changes to suit the time of day, with hearty lunches, cakes in the mid-afternoon, and a multi-course menu at dinnertime.

Little Darling Coffee Roasters (Share Green Minami Aoyama)

Little Darling Coffee Roasters is within Share Green Minami Aoyama, a modern multipurpose development that blends together a park, shops, and even co-working facilities. It's designed for everyone, from local freelancers to first-time visitors. At its center is a wide, green lawn. Surrounding it are wooden chairs and carefully arranged plants. The various facilities are set in a renovated industrial storehouse. One of those businesses, Little Darling Coffee Roasters, is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic baristas in Japan. They select, roast, and brew the beans themselves, making each cup into more of an event than a drink. If you like, you can specify the brewing method: hand-drip, American press, or espresso machine. As well as offering a line-up of snacks to be enjoyed with coffee, including soft serve ice cream and pastries which can be eaten with one hand, Little Darling Coffee Roasters also serves hamburgers, hot dogs, lunch boxes, and more. Another item on the menu is a type of steamed bun called bao, which is enjoying explosive popularity in London and other cities around the world.