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Updated: May 1, 2023

19th Asakusa Kannon-ura Ichiyo Sakura Festival (Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Dochu) 第19回 浅草観音うら一葉桜まつり「江戸吉原おいらん道中」

Area around Senzoku and Komatsubashi-dori area, Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo

Note: The 2023 installment of this event has already taken place.

The Asakusa Kannon-ura Ichiyo Sakura Festival is a lively event featuring various stage performances, set along a street lined with Ichiyo sakura (a type of cherry blossom with a double layer of petals).

Held annually on the second Saturday in April, the highlight of the festival is the Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Dochu, a cultural tradition that has been handed down for generations in the Yoshiwara area. It is a reenactment of traditional processions in which beautiful oiran (courtesans) would walk through the streets. In this modern-day version, the participants are mainly local residents who dress up with the assistance of makeup artists, hairdressers, and costumers who typically work with professional dancers and kabuki actors.

How to Get There

  • Asakusa Station | 5-10 min on foot
    Tsukuba Express | Tobu Skytree Line | Ginza Line
  • Asakusa Station | 12 min on foot
    Asakusa Line
  • Iriya Station | 10 min on foot
    Hibiya Line


Your current location:

Eastern Tokyo



Opening Hours

  • 12:30~15:45
    *Please visit the official website for more information
  • Note: In case of rain, the event will be postponed to April 9.

Please check the official event website for the latest updates on opening dates and times, prices, and other information.