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Updated: January 7, 2020

Setsubun Festival Bean-Tossing Ceremony 節分祭豆まき式

2-16-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Kanda Myojin is a Shinto shrine in Tokyo that has close to 1,300 years of history. Its Setsubun festival begins with a parade featuring red and blue demons, the deities Daikoku and Ebisu, and people scattering beans across the ground.

Kanda Myojin Shrine is known for being the guardian shrine of the northeast gate of Edo Castle, a traditionally unlucky direction. Before the bean-tossing ceremony, Shinto priests dressed as ancient warriors perform the Meigen-no-Gi ritual. During this ritual, arrows are shot toward the northeast and southwest gates (called the "Devil's Gate" and "Rear Devil's Gate," respectively). The bean-tossing ceremony is performed by various celebrities and TV personalities who throw beans from the second floor of the shrine's Phoenix Hall.

How to Get There

  • Ochanomizu Station | 5 min on foot
    JR lines | Marunouchi Line
  • Akihabara Station | 7 min on foot
    JR lines | Hibiya Line
  • Shin-ochanomizu Station | 5 mi. on foot
    Chiyoda Line



Opening Hours

  • The event starts at 14:00.
  • For start and finish times, visit the official website.

Facility Info

  • Restrooms | Smoking area | WiFi |
  • English | Chinese (simplified) |
  • Automatic doors | Handrails | Wheelchair ramp | Baby changing facilities | Baby chair/high chair |
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