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Updated: August 6, 2019

Log-Rolling Performance (Kiba No Kakunori) 木場の角乗

Event Pond, Kiba Park, 4 Kiba, Koto City, Tokyo
Late October 2020

The Kiba area of Koto-ku derives its name from the once prolific lumberyards and warehouses. (Kiba is literally “lumberyard.”)
Kiba no kakunori, or square log rolling, developed as a folk art from this unique background. It sprang from the process of assembling rafts for transport, in which the lumberyard workers maneuver a lumber with only a single fire hook.
Each year, as part of its residents’ festival, Koto-ku organizes this square log rolling at a pond in Kiba Park to pass down the origin of the name and the traditional culture of the area.
Why not join the event and witness the skillful Kiba raftsmen roll and ride the square logs floating in the water?

How to Get There

  • Kiba Station | 5 min on foot
    Tozai Line



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