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Updated: October 12, 2018

Takahata Fudoson Chrysanthemum Festival 高幡不動尊 菊まつり

Takahata Fudoson Kongoji Temple, 733 Takahata, Hino City, Tokyo
2018-10-27 - 2018-11-18

The annual Takahata Fudoson Chrysanthemum Festival is held on the grounds of Takahata Fudoson Kongoji Temple. Chrysanthemum clubs from 11 cities within the Tama area of western Tokyo showcase a total of 1,500 flower displays, including giant chrysanthemums, cascading blooms, bonsai, cut flower arrangements and more. The best displays receive official government awards.

The festival also offers special exhibits and short classes on raising chrysanthemums. Seedlings will be on sale, so you can take home some of the beauty with you!


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