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Updated: January 16, 2023

Hachioji Ginkgo Festival 八王子いちょう祭り

Koshu Road, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo | Area around Ryonan Park, from Oiwakecho Intersection to Kobotoke Sekisho ruins
Mid November 2023

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The stunning rows of ginkgo trees along Hachioji's Koshu Road (also known as Koshu-kaido Road) were planted during the Showa era. Grab a tsuko tegata (a wooden block that served as a transit pass in ancient times) and take a tour around 12 old checkpoints, or meander around the bazaar, where stalls serve up local delicacies. There will also be a smaller version of the usual classic car parade this year. This annual ginkgo festival is the perfect place to get to know Hachioji and its residents, while enjoying taking in a little retro nostalgia. How about taking a trip back in time for the weekend?

©Hachioji Ginkgo Festival Festival Committee

©Hachioji Ginkgo Festival Festival Committee


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