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Updated: November 27, 2019

88th Shimokitazawa Tengu Festival 第88回下北沢天狗まつり

2-37-17 Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo
2020-1-31 - 2020-2-2

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), various facilities around Tokyo may change their operating days or hours. In addition, some events may be canceled or postponed. Please check official facility or event websites for the latest updates and information.

Tengu are supernatural beings from Japanese folklore that are often depicted with beaks or long noses. As tengu are regarded as harbingers of business prosperity and good fortune in general, this festival honors these mythical guardians.

This festival is Shimokitazawa's unique take on Setsubun, the Japanese bean-throwing festival. At the Tenkaichi Tengu Parade on Saturday, February 1, tengu will march down Shimokitazawa's shopping streets to throw lucky beans called fukumame. The procession will be followed by a large parade float that is three meters tall, two meters wide and adorned with a tengu mask.

At other Setsubun events held across Japan during this time of the year, it is customary to chant "Demons out! Good luck in!" Here, however, people say "Good luck in!" thrice, believing that if good luck floods in, it will drive out evil as a matter of course.

Bean-throwing aside, expect other tengu-related merchandise and events. Tengu are said to listen to people's wishes for safety and good luck, so check out this festival to receive the tengu's blessings.

How to Get There

  • Shimokitazawa Station | East Exit
    Odakyu Line | Inokashira Line



Opening Hours

  • [January 31, 2020]
    Crow-billed tengu visit restaurants to throw beans.
    [February 1, 2019]
    80 large tengu throw beans as they march through the streets.
    [February 2, 2019]
    Stamp rally: collect stamps to win lucky beans.

Please check the official event website for the latest updates on opening dates and times, prices, and other information.

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