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Updated: May 8, 2019

Torikoe Festival 鳥越まつり

2-4-1 Torigoe, Taito City, Tokyo
Early June 2020 - Mid June 2020

Standing on Kuramaebashi Road, Torikoe-jinja (also spelled Torigoe-jinja) Shrine has a history that stretches back 1,360 years. Its annual June festival includes a mikoshi (portable shrine) parade and draws big crowds. A performer dressed as a folk deity called Sarutahiko, tekomai dancers, and children with colored flags lead the parade. At night the mikoshi, surrounded by traditional lanterns on poles, is returned to the shrine. Weighing around four tons, the Senkan Mikoshi—the main attraction of the parade—is one of the heaviest portable shrines in Tokyo.

This nighttime parade is a true spectacle, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every June.



Opening Hours

  • See official website/local tourist information office.

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