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Updated: August 1, 2022

Sanno Festival (Sanno Matsuri) 山王まつり

2-10-5 Nagatacho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Early June 2023 - Mid June 2023

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Note: Some events will not take place in 2022.

The Sanno Festival is one of the three great festivals of Edo (as Tokyo was once called), alongside the Kanda Festival and the Fukugawa Festival. This grand, historic festival is also considered to be one of the three great festivals in Japan. During the Edo period (1603-1867), portable shrines known as mikoshi and festival floats were allowed into the grounds of Edo Castle. Starting with Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third Tokugawa shogun, Japan's shoguns (military commanders) attended and worshipped at the festival. Back then, it was called the Tenka Festival and was quite a spectacular event.
The various festivities last for a period of 11 days, so you can attend every day and still see something new! Events include a historically important, dignified ceremony where prayers are offered for the safety of the Imperial Palace and peace in Tokyo. In addition, a 300-meter festival procession, featuring mikoshi (portable shrines) makes its way through central Tokyo. There is also traditional Japanese entertainment, such as a Shinto music-and-dance performance and a Sanno drum performance, as well as a parade of young children dressed as court pages.

How to Get There

  • Akasaka Station | Exit 2 | 3 min on foot
    Chiyoda Line
  • Tameike-sanno Station | Exit 7 | 3 min on foot
    Ginza Line | Namboku Line
  • Kokkai-gijidomae Station | Exit 5 | 5 min on foot
    Chiyoda Line


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