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Updated: June 14, 2019

60th Itabashi Fireworks Festival 第60回 いたばし花火大会

3-20 Funado, Itabashi City, Tokyo

Organized jointly with the town of Toda on the other side of the river, this festival features a total of 12,000 fireworks, including the "No. 15" variant, which is one of the largest in Tokyo. You'll also see many other types of fireworks, including artistic ones that have been made by Japan's top pyrotechnicians, a 700-meter-long Niagara Falls-themed display that is among the largest of its kind in the Kanto region, and even Pokémon fireworks. What's more, these fireworks are set off close to the viewing site, so you can feel the impact of the launching!

For an additional fee, reserved seating is also available. Get a prime seat if you want to see fireworks go off right before your eyes, or group seats to have a good time with friends and family.

How to Get There

  • Takashimadaira Station | 20 min on foot
    Mita Line
  • Ukimafunado Station | 20 min on foot
    JR Saikyo Line
  • Nishidai Station | 20 min on foot
    Mita Line


Opening Hours

  • 19:00–20:30
  • The event may be postponed in case of rain.


Paid seating available (2,600-28,800 yen)

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