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Updated: March 27, 2023

Kachiya Festival 勝矢祭

3-57-22 Kameido, Koto City, Tokyo

About 1,000 years ago, Taira no Masakado started an uprising against the imperial court. Fujiwara no Hidesato, a master of pursuit, came to this shrine to pray for good fortune in the war. In the end, the rebellion was quashed. Overjoyed, Fujiwara no Hidesato credited the gods for this victory. He gifted a bow and arrow to the shrine and named them the Kachiya ("winning arrow") in celebration of his good fortune. The Kachiya dedication ritual is still performed to this day. On May 5, parishioners dressed as victorious warriors will march yet again through Katori-jinja Shrine.

How to Get There

  • Kameido Station | 8 min on foot
    JR Sobu Line


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Eastern Tokyo

Skytree & Around


Opening Hours

  • 12:30–15:30

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