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Updated: March 18, 2019

Toneri Park Thousand Cherry Tree (Senbonzakura) Festival 日暮里・舎人ライナーとともに11年 舎人公園千本桜まつり

1-1 Tonerikoen, Adachi City, Tokyo
2019-4-6 - 2019-4-7

This event started as a means to show people that Toneri Park is a great place for viewing the cherry blossoms in bloom.

The goal of the Toneri Park Senbonzakura Festival event is drawing out the charm of the cherry blossoms in the area and raising awareness, attracting more and more visitors from both inside and outside of the ward to invigorate the local economy.

The festival makes use of the track and field area inside the park, and you can experience world records and try sporting events for yourself. There is also an area to interact with animals, and fun activities for children like the jumbo slider are available. In addition, fruits and vegetables from the Kitaadachi market are for sale.

How to Get There

  • Toneri-koen Station
    Nippori-Toneri Line



Opening Hours

  • 10:00–16:00

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