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Fire-walking Festival (Hiwatari-sai) at Mt. Takao
Fire-walking Festival (Hiwatari-sai) at Mt. Takao

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Fire-walking Festival (Hiwatari-sai) at Mt. Takao 火渡り祭


Takaosan Yakuoin Temple is an old Buddhist temple located atop Mt. Takao and is known as one of three central temples of Shingon sect, Chisan division in the Kanto region (Eastern Japan) along with Shinshoji Temple on Mt. Narita and Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple in Kawasaki. The fire-walking festival is one of the traditional events held at Yakuoin Temple. At the festival, believers first pray for the safety of family, traffic and body and then follow yamabushi (Shugendo practicing monks) to walk barefoot over the sacred goma fire that is smoldering and still partially burning. The sight of yamabushi monks bravely walking through the flame while chanting brings the event's highlight. Public spectators may also participate in the barefoot walking after the fire has been put out. By that time, the actual temperature of the path they would walk is only slightly warm to step on and there is no worry of burning their feet. If you would like to participate, it is recommended to bring wet towel or something else to clean your feet with after the walking.


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