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Kinryu no mai (golden dragon dance)

©Senso-ji Temple

Kinryu no mai (golden dragon dance)

©Senso-ji Temple

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Kinryu no mai (golden dragon dance) 金龍の舞

How to Get There

  • Asakusa Sta. | 5 mins on foot
  • Ginza Line | Asakusa Line | Isesaki Line | Tsukuba Express


Kinryu no mai, or golden dragon dance, was named after Mt. Kinryu-zan, the honorific name prefixed to Senso-ji Temple. The festival began in 1958 to celebrate the reconstruction of the Main Hall (Kannondo Hall).

It was designed following the legend that states the Bodhisattva Kannon, to which Senso-ji Temple is dedicated, manifested in the form of a golden dragon descending from the sky, creating overnight a grove of a thousand pines—a symbol of the worldly benefit of a rich harvest.

The sight of the 18-meter-long, 88-kilogram dazzling golden dragon dancing to festive music is not to be missed.


Opening Hours

  • See official website/local tourist information office

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