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Tokyo Yosakoi
Tokyo Yosakoi

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Tokyo Yosakoi 東京よさこい


The Tokyo Yosakoi dance competition represents the second half of the Fukuro Festival. This annual tradition for people living in west Ikebukuro has been held since 1968. The festival consists of a mikoshi (portable shrine) procession in September, and then the Tokyo Yosakoi in October.

Yosakoi is a lively Japanese dance characterized by the use of wooden clappers called naruko. Performers often combine the standard yosakoi melody with other folk songs, or even modern rock music.

At Tokyo Yosakoi, more than 100 teams from all over Japan come together to show off their best moves. The dancers wear colorful, eye-catching costumes and put on one dazzlingly energetic performance after another, complete with enthusiastic shouting. You'll feel the infectious energy in no time!

The event will also feature a selection of regional Japanese products.


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