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Asakusa Tori-no-ichi Fair
Asakusa Tori-no-ichi Fair

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Asakusa Tori-no-ichi Fair 酉の市

Tori-no-ichi is an annual traditional festival held at shrines and temples nationwide on set days (rooster days) in November to wish good luck and business prosperity. Known as its origin, the festival has been held in the Asakusa area since the Edo period at Ootori Jinja Shrine and Chokokuji Temple. The festivity continues until midnight as gorgeous ""kumade"" rakes decorated in gold and silver are sold by lively venders in the shrine and temple compound. Make your wish for good luck while enjoying the atmosphere of Tokyo's old downtown at this late fall/early winter event.


Opening Hours

  • See official website/local tourist information office
  • Held on Nov 1, 13 & 25 in 2018

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