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Kebab Grand Prix 2017
Kebab Grand Prix 2017

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Kebab Grand Prix 2017 ケバブグランプリ2017


This is the only kebab event in Japan, and it is held over a short 5-day period in Shinjuku. The various food stalls provide thin-sliced meat shaved off of large grilled blocks and paired with their original sauces for event attendees to enjoy.

The event also features a belly dancing show popular with women.

Shinjuku is easily accessible, and the event venue is spacious and open. Enjoy the excellent food provided by the participating restaurants and leave feeling satisfied.


Opening Hours

  • 11:00–21:00
    17:00–21:00 on the first day of the event


Charges may vary by vendor

Facility Info

  • Restrooms

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