Scenes of sakura from the water

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Tokyo Sakura Scenes

Scenes of sakura from the water

Imagine taking a leisurely ride on the river and having the cherry blossoms approach you.
The ultimate hanami destination offers a view of the sakura from every angle.

Tokyo Cruise Ship

Sakura-bashi Bridge Yozakura Line

The first Yozakura Line departs around dusk from Azuma-bashi Bridge, in Asakusa, for a 45-minute tour around Sakura-bashi Bridge. There are two set plans: “ride only” and “tipsy voyage.” Every cruise offers entertainment by a Furisode-san, or apprentice geisha wearing white makeup and a traditional Japanese hairdo, from the district of Asakusa where the Edo culture remains alive.


March 21–31 1,200 yen / April 1–13 1,240 yen

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Sakura Tour Cruise

Galleon is a small yakatabune houseboat that runs on the Oyoko-gawa River, a hanami spot between Etchujima and Monzen-nakacho in the nostalgic shitamachi area of Koto-ku. Cherry trees line several hundred meters of the banks, and because the Oyoko-gawa River is narrow, the blossoms from both sides appear as if they might meet across the river. The houseboat has glass walls for a splendid view from the inside, and an open deck furnished with fluffy cushions perfect for the shitamachi cruise.


1,900 yen including tax, with tea and snacks

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Hanami yakatabune houseboat

Harumiya runs public yakatabune houseboats on the Sumida-gawa River commanding a view of the cherries of Bokutei and TOKYO SKYTREE glistening in the sun. With nothing to block the view, passengers on the boat attract attention from hanami-goers on the banks, too. All lines are equipped with hori-gotatsu, or tables placed over a recess in the floor, and an observation deck, and serve a course meal of authentic Edo-style cuisine. Visit the website for departure times. Reservations are accepted for groups of two or more.


10,000 yen excluding tax, with Furisode-gozen course meal and beverages

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