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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established “Tokyo Tourism Representatives (Reps)” in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia to promote Tokyo as the premier destination for international leisure travel. The “Tokyo Tourism Reps” provides the latest media information and sales activities in Tokyo for local media and travel agencies and attracts interest from local citizens, media and travel operators to Tokyo.

Profile of Our Rep

Each local staff of the Tourism Rep is a travel professional with great experience in the tourism industry and has been assigned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to act as a local representative.
Click the name of the city to learn about the staff of the Tourism Rep in each city.


Los Angeles

Project M, Inc.
Ms. Keiko MORII


Covering States:
California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska, Hawaii

Greetings from Los Angeles!
On behalf of the Project M team, we are happy and proud to be representing the wonderful city of Tokyo in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2009 and based in Los Angeles, California, Project M, Inc. is an internationally focused, full service Advertising and Public Relations Agency specializing in the US mainstream and affluent market. We provide multi-layered tactical and strategic services for our clients including media planning and buying, creative design, development and execution for digital, TV, print, social media and event promotions.

At Project M, Inc. we have had the privilege to be the Agency of record in promoting Japan as a whole from the United States for the past 10+ years, serving the travel and tourism industries and clients such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization, specializing in the promotion of luxury and culinary products. We have built close and strong relationships with major US media outlets in the affluent lifestyle, travel, culinary, adventure, architectural and news categories to offer unparalleled and unique media strategies that other agencies cannot provide.

Tokyo offers the unique dichotomy of an ultra modern landscape intertwined with ancient tradition and natural beauty unlike any other travel destination. It also offers something unique and different for each individual. “Your Tokyo” is something that must be experienced to be realized. Tokyo offers some of the world’s most elegant and trendy shopping areas, amazing and eclectic culinary experiences, majestic temples and shrines, leading edge pop culture and contemporary art exhibits as well as a variety of outdoor adventures. In all this, the glue that binds Tokyo together is the warm-heated hospitality and kindness of the people.

Los Angeles is the city in the US with the most pervasive cultural and culinary ties to Japan. This entertainment capital of the world has more daily direct flights to Tokyo than any other city in the US. Most every Angelino has had the opportunity to experience some level of Japanese culture or cuisine. Texas also has two major hubs serving Tokyo. Dallas and Houston, are rising affluent markets that we should not miss. At Project M, we will utilize this understanding and execute a multi-tiered strategy to promote Tokyo.

When you are ready to travel, we very much look forward to welcoming you to the unmatched cultural, artistic and culinary enticements that only Tokyo can offer.

We encourage you to contact us for any information or help we can provide to guide you on your first or next trip to “your” Tokyo, or to grow your business potential.

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New York

QBIC Factory, Inc.
Mr. Hisashi Tsumura


Covering States:
New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama

Greetings from the Big Apple!
It is our pleasure to represent Tokyo from the heart of New York City! As sister cities and the densest population centers in their respective countries, Tokyo and New York share many commonalities, like an extensive public transportation infrastructure, along with a vibrant culture, art, dining, and shopping scene.

Interestingly, both Tokyo and New York are cities of approximately the same age, sporting rich and complex histories. Like New York, an underlying story can be unearthed from every backstreet and corner of Tokyo. As the East Coast and Midwest US Tokyo representative, we strive to reveal these stories and introduce them to media, travel professionals, and travelers. We are promoting the scents, sounds, colors, flavors, and the depths of experiences of Japan’s capital city and the "omotenashi" (distinctive hospitality) of its citizens themselves. In other words, we are presenting a dynamic modern city with deep roots, where “Old Meets New,” offering an immersive authenticity, far beyond surface level sightseeing.

In recent years, major media have ranked Tokyo as a top bucket-list destination for travelers from all major US cities in our region. Additionally, trends show that the demand to visit Tokyo is very high from repeat and affluent travelers. To satisfy these markets, we are promoting newly developed in-depth, content-rich experiences and hidden, behind-the-scenes locales, often introduced by knowledgeable experts and connoisseurs.

QBIC FACTORY is a multi-faceted, strategic marketing and design company, which like New York itself, demonstrates inexhaustible energy, creating and transmitting vibrant ideas around the world. Since its inception in 1995, our professionals have envisioned a breath of innovative solutions for local and global businesses and organizations. Each of our members shares his or her own views and values, which converge to develop a broad imaginative, and uniquely suitable vision for each project.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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Ms. Yoko Takechi


Cross Media Ltd. was established in London in 1987 and is the UK’s leading Japanese media company. They promote Japanese culture and cuisine through an eclectic variety of publications. Websites and events – including Eat-Japan and HYPER JAPAN, the latter being the UK’s biggest Japanese culture event. Director Kazuhiro Marumo was appointed Tokyo Tourism Representative in 2007, a role that Cross Media have also taken on since 2015.

Hello from London. After working in Cross Media Ltd. as an editor for years, dealing with travel guidebooks, culture magazines and various publications on Japan, as well as arranging UK-Japan cross-cultural events, I have been serving as Tokyo Rep since 2016. It is my honour to be a tourism representative of my hometown where I spent my childhood and youth. Today’s worldwide tourism trend is not just to ‘see’ exotic places from the tourists’ point of view but to ‘feel’ and ‘know’ the true culture of the locals and respect it. I have been making an effort to tell people about the multifaceted charm of our city and encourage them to experience it for themselves.

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Ms. Sarah Marcadé


Dear Visitor,
We are EXA INNOVATION STUDIO, liaising with the media and with tourism industry professionals to promote the city of Tokyo in France. We work to make the Tokyo metropolis better known, with its array of charms, bursting with activities and constantly renewing itself.

In 2019, the respected publication, The Economist, named Tokyo as the world’s safest city. While Tokyo’s charm does not lie solely in the sense of security that we experience walking its boulevards, this does make a major contribution to it. And, just like in any great megalopolis of the world, there is always something happening here.

Everybody has heard of Tokyo, but the Japanese capital remains mysterious in a great number of ways. It is a futuristic city where modernism nonetheless cohabits with thousand-year-old traditions, a cosmopolitan city, secure, trendy, state-of-the-art... Tokyo deserves its numerous superlatives. It is surely the world’s largest megalopolis, with over 13 million inhabitants.

Tokyo is the perfect introduction to Japan, allowing us to discover the country’s twin faces—Japan often being said to be “between modernity and tradition,” in an equilibrium between old and new. In fact, “Old meets New” is Tokyo’s official slogan. We see there the pale pink petals of cherry trees blossoming or the blush of the maples in autumn, but every season in Tokyo is remarkable. It is hot during summer and snow powders its streets in winter.

In Tokyo, we discover first an immense, effervescent and inspiring city. As soon as we get off the plane, with our first step we register a culture shock. Our eyes open wide, scanning everything. The city makes a direct appeal to all five senses. We visit the big show-stoppers, from the Shibuya district to the new fish market, through to the Meiji Jingu Shrine and Sensoji Temple. We joyfully lose our way in the narrow streets of Nakameguro or Kagurazaka seeking to experience the real “Tokyo way of life”.

Tourism is a major stake for Tokyo. More than ever, Japan’s capital needs to maintain interest, to keep the link alive with its international visitors.

These coming years will be an ideal opportunity for Tokyo to keep on shining, sharing its culture and its art of good living beyond the frontiers of Japan. Tokyo is, above all, a place of contradictions. The gigantic calls for the intimate, and its traditions do not hinder its avant-garde approach. Each day is a continuous discovery, even for those who live there. Here, more than anywhere else, we feel the wa, the philosophy of equilibrium that connects the Japanese people to one another and to the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about anything in relation to Tokyo. Our job is to guide you into what is at heart a unique and exceptional “Tokyo Experience”. We are here for journalists and travellers wishing to get to know the Japanese capital, Tokyo, or make it better known. Let us introduce you to the city; we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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Lieb Management & Beteiligungs GmbH
Ms. Jenny Alisa Bergold


Greetings from Germany!
We are very proud to represent this impressive metropolis in Germany. Tokyo is a unique city that enchants with so many facets. Dive into a world, where centuries-old traditions are lived and cultivated in the midst of modern everyday life. Where you will find historic temples between modern architecture, the freshest sushi and the highest density of star awarded restaurants in the world.

Lieb Management is one of the leading marketing & PR agencies in the German speaking countries and is focusing on the tourism and MICE industry. The agency has offices in Munich and Frankfurt and offers the full of measures for marketing, sales and public relations.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are planning a trip to this wonderful city and we would be delighted to assist you with our expertise to make the most out of your Tokyo trip!

Shinjuku is a whole city within the city and probably the place you're imagining when you think of Tokyo: bright neon lights, crowds, tall buildings, bustling streets and energy galore. Don’t miss the observation deck on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

Free from skyscrapers, Harajuku is characterized by lovely tree-lined avenues and European-style restaurants, cafes and shops. It's also Tokyo's real-life catwalk and a world-renowned shopping destination. Many boutiques here have been designed by influential architects. Furthermore, Harajuku is one of Tokyo's biggest draws thanks to its grand shrine, Meiji Jingu.

Asakusa feels like a completely different world from the modern hubs on the west side of the city. Here is where Tokyoites come to worship at their beloved Sensoji Temple – Tokyo’s most popular Buddhist temple. You approach through the impressive Kaminari-mon Gate (Lighting Gate) and then make your way along the store-lined Nakamise before arriving at the main hall. Take some time to light an incense stick at the huge urn in front of the hall. A short distance to the west of Asakusa, you'll find the impressing TOKYO SKYTREE®

Shibuya is one of the main hubs of modern Tokyo. It's a seething frenzy of shopping, dining and drinking. Don’t miss one of Tokyo’s most popular highlights – Shibuya Crossing. It is like a giant beating heart, sending people in all directions with every pulsing light change. Hundreds of people – and at peak times upwards of 3.000 people.

Tokyo’s green oasis
Tokyo is full of green oasis and has a surprising number of parks and gardens, which are a treat at any time of the year. Rikugi-en, Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens and Hama-rikyu Gardens are some prime spots to lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours. You can also head to the hills to surround yourself by nature: Takao-san and Oku-Tama are two popular getaways, an hour and two hours respectively, by train from Tokyo.

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Ms. Chigumo Miyamura


IXI S.R.L. first started in Milan in 1996 as the branch office of the design company IXI Co., Ltd., founded in 1978 in Tokyo. In its more than 20 years of activity, IXI S.R.L has developed, specializing in the organizing and coordinating of events and promotions for Japanese companies, prefectures and governmental bodies such as Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, to name a few.

Thanks to our having offices in Tokyo and Milan, we have contributed to the promotion in Italy of Japanese brands and products through events and communication activities, acting as a cross-cultural bridge between Japan and Italy.

As a Tokyo Tourism Representative, we are honored to be able to introduce the beauty of Tokyo to Italian travelers and tourism professionals, while making the most of our wide local network to promote Tokyo tourism effectively in Italy.

In recent years, before the pandemic, Italian tourists to Japan had been increasing noticeably. More and more Italian tour operators, travel agencies and independent travelers are choosing Japan and Tokyo as their travel destination, making Japan—and Tokyo—a core destination for the Italian outbound market.

According to JNTO data from 2019, the number of Italian tourists to Japan had increased more than four-fold in the eight years since 2011. Over 85% of Italian tourists to Japan visit Tokyo and, according to Tokyo Metropolitan Government data from 2019, over 95% of them expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the metropolis. Moreover, many say that they would gladly visit Tokyo again in the future. Such data suggest that Tokyo is often the entry point and/or exit point of a tour of Japan for many Italian tourists, but the metropolis could also work perfectly as a single destination.

For Italian tourists, Tokyo is a destination they always admire for its unique culture that mixes old and new. Modern attractions can be found right next to traditional ones like the pop-culture district of Harajuku and the Shinto shrine that is Meiji Jingu. Also much appreciated are the incredible number and high quality of its restaurants, ranging from Michelin-starred to street food.

Japan and Tokyo have always been a popular destination among Italians and, even during this particular period, Japan and Tokyo have kept their top positions on Italians’ travel wishlists. We will do our best to promote Tokyo for a prompt restart when international tourism takes off again!

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Ms. Taeko UEDA


Hello everyone! My name is Taeko Ueda, and I am the tourism representative of Tokyo in Spain. I have been living in Spain for more than two decades and I have fifteen years of experience in the tourism sector.

In recent years, Tokyo as a destination has been gaining international attention more and more. It is a unique city where tradition and modernity blend into a whole new experience that makes it an attractive destination for Spanish travelers.

My role as a representative is to fill the gap caused by a lack of information, and to inform Spaniards of the real charm of Tokyo and Japan through travel agencies and the media to draw more of their attention to Tokyo and Japan, and to encourage them to choose Tokyo as their holiday destination. Technology, tradition, pop culture, gastronomy, nature, shopping… there is a stunning world of activities to enjoy in Tokyo.

It has always been my dream to be a cultural bridge between the two countries. Tokyo is my hometown, and now Spain has become my second hometown. Therefore, it is my pleasure to introduce my hometown, Tokyo, to people in Spain. I will do my best to achieve this goal and all of your cooperation and support is highly appreciated.

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Tourism Garden Pty Ltd
Ms. Alison Roberts-Brown


After two decades running international hotel and tourism marketing businesses in Tokyo, I returned to Australia and founded Tourism Garden, a Sydney-based tourism marketing agency specialising in the representation and promotion of Japanese destinations and luxury tourism products. My colleague Yukiko Arita and I combine our many years of experience in the travel industry with our knowledge of Japan, work closely with the media and travel industry in Australia and New Zealand.

These are exciting times for Tokyo, we are delighted to work with the media and the travel industry to share city icons through to hidden treasures.

Tokyo is home to diverse cultures, rich traditions and cutting-edge technology. The contrasts of old and new are everywhere and part of its compelling charm. Australians were visiting Tokyo in ever increasing record numbers in 2019, drawn by a love for the food, architecture and design, culture both old and new, the destination truly has something for everyone. It’s also now recognised as an ideal place for a family holiday and many Australians are missing or keen to travel to Tokyo.

When you think of Tokyo you imagine a vast and crowded Metropolis, yet inside this vastness Tokyo has left room for the beauty of small things, breathtaking nature, the importance of kindness, community and human values. On closer inspection, it’s a thriving network of vibrant individual cities and neighbourhoods each with their own unique style and personality. Add to this the most efficient public and private transportation network in the world, which is surprisingly easy to master.

For anyone who has been to Tokyo you might sense the many layers and myriad of reasons it is such a fascinating place. If you haven’t visited yet we urge you to go and experience your very own Tokyo, it will surprise and delight and we hope it will inspire you to come back again and again, for the discoveries are endless.

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Japan Communications Inc.
Mr. Shinichiro Kawai


Tokyo is my home town. I was born and raised in Tokyo near Shibuya with its world-famous scramble crossing. After graduating from university, I started working for the Japan Foundation where I was involved in introducing Japanese culture to the world. Cross-cultural exchange has been my passion since my early childhood. After I moved to Canada, I created a company called Japan Communications Inc., which specializes in cross-cultural communications and services.

For the past 6 years, I have assumed the role of the Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Toronto representative, introducing Canadians to the many and sundry charms of my hometown of Tokyo.

Tokyo is indeed rich in appeals. It is a place that is constantly creating something new in the collision and fusion of traditional Edo culture with trend-setting innovations and ideas. In Tokyo, many “Kominka” (traditional Japanese houses) are being renovated and transformed into unique restaurants and cafés, while old temples and shrines remain standing unchanged for decades amid skyscraper-lined vistas. Tokyo offers travelers endless opportunities to make new discoveries. The countless villages of Tokyo, each with its own unique history, lifestyle and culture, each provide a memorable experience.

Food is another Tokyo charm that is not to be missed. It is a perfect window through which people can gain an insight into this somewhat elusive city of Tokyo. There are many izakayas where you’re always greeted with cheerful “Irasshaimase” welcomes, ramen shops where you can enjoy all the flavors of Japan, and many dishes that make the best of seasonal ingredients and delights the palate as well as the eyes.

A lot of travelers may be surprised to find that there is “another Tokyo” that is waiting to be discovered. Just steps from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tokyo, you will find “Okutama” (located at western end of Tokyo) with its unspoiled nature and rich tradition and history and, of course, delightful local cuisine.

Tokyo is a place you can visit over and over and make new discoveries each time. Yokoso. Welcome to Tokyo.

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Mr. Bo Sun


I'm Sun Bo, the Chinese representative of the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB). This year is my seventh as the Chinese representative. To all those who love Tokyo, may I express my sincere thanks.

Born in Beijing, China, I have been engaged in Japan-related cultural exchange and tourism for more than 30 years. Our professional team not only has extensive experience in product design, marketing, team operation and quality control, but is also skilled in B2B and B2C Tokyo promotion like no other team, and carries out its work very efficiently.

My work mainly involves getting regular exposure for Tokyo and disseminating the latest tourism information about it through comprehensive channels such as online news sites, webcasts, WeChat, microblogs, mobile terminals and other contemporary media, and making the most of traditional media for this purpose, too; working with highly influential Chinese online travel agents to promote and publicize Tokyo online, so as to enhance the exposure rate and popularity of Tokyo as a tourism destination; and, together with them, planning, developing and promoting Tokyo tourist itineraries that really give travelers a feel for Tokyo, and exploring ideas to increase the number of visitors.

The number of tourists from the Chinese mainland to Japan reached 9.59 million in 2019, accounting for a quarter of the total number of visitors to Japan. Japan and Tokyo are the preferred destinations for Chinese people traveling abroad. After experiencing sightseeing tourism and shopping, perhaps the natural charms of Tokyo, too, make for an attractive part of the metropolis for tourists to enjoy.

The administrative scope of Tokyo includes not only the 23 wards but also the rich and colorful natural landscape of Tama, and the charming marine resources of the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands along with the extraordinary experiences to be had there. Once there, you won’t want to leave!

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is an international metropolis full of mystery and a storybook atmosphere that enchants tourists from all over the world. Tradition and fashion, the ancient and the popular, keep fusing and changing here, and appearing in new manifestations. You never set foot twice in the same Tokyo.

Welcome to Tokyo, a place where dreams come true!

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Ms. Ban Eun Jung


Hello, we are Fine Zone, and since 2019 we are the representative for Tokyo in Seoul. As an advertising agency specializing in Japan inbound tourism, Fine Zone has been developing various business projects for many years with an eye on local trends here in South Korea.

Travel to Japan has now become a regular part of daily life in Korea, thanks to being affordable, quick and easy. And Tokyo in particular, with many different flights available, is a destination with enduring popularity that always captures visitors’ interest. To encourage repeat visitors from Korea to fascinating Tokyo, Fine Zone uncovers topics and activities in Tokyo that resonate with Korean people and constantly shares relevant information.

Get special-edition items unique to Tokyo and not easily acquired in Korea that you will be proud to show your friends.
Visit places that will bring extra cheer to your day.
Have a coffee at one of only five special Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in the world.
Don’t just follow the crowd. Enjoy fashions that suit your style and express your individuality!

The list goes on—we offer countless new ideas to bring visitors to Tokyo.

At our Seoul REP office, we would like to assist you in a wide variety of ways such as delivering press releases with the latest information, distributing pamphlets for countless tourist attractions, assisting with media coverage, fam trips, and much more. If you have any questions about Tokyo, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Next Tourism Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Ryo Kosuda


JINN'S PUBLISHERS CO. LTD. was founded in 1987 and is based in Taipei. Growing alongside the Taiwanese tourism industry has given our team a wealth of knowledge and experience, which we now use to promote tourism within Japan. As of 2019, the Japanese department within JINN’S PUBLISHERS has gone on to establish a separate business entity now known as NEXT TOURISM CONSULTING CO., LTD.

Most Taiwanese travelers are repeat visitors to Japan and are already familiar with Tokyo. We therefore wish to reveal to them a more cultural and diverse side of Tokyo, a unique experience in which they have never had before.

Now, more than ever, the number of solo travelers coming from Taiwan is increasing. We are committed to and focused on promoting Japan in various ways, such as through social media, travel agencies, and advertising agencies. Taiwanese travelers tend to visit lesser known areas in Japan such as Tohoku or Kyushu. This is due to many visitors from Taiwan having already been to more famous and well known cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto to name a few.

Based on the phrase “Old meets New” as our promotion concept, this will lead repeat visitors to experience Tokyo in a brand new way. We reveal to them a side of city that changes every day and with the seasons.

Travelers from Taiwan enjoy taking photos around Japan as well as sharing them on social media. Therefore, we held a photo contest with the biggest travel agency in Taiwan to promote the beauty of Tokyo and expand our market reach.

Trying on a kimono and watching traditional Japanese performances have been popular with Taiwanese travelers for the past few years. Recently, experiencing local culture has been attracting more attention, such as culinary tourism, cooking courses, and DIY activities. As time moves forward, trends ebb and flow. We will continue working hard to keep up with the needs of Taiwanese travelers, providing them with a plethora of tourism knowledge.

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Malaysia (Thai / Singapore)

Mr. Yuji Ushijima


Mr. Akio Yoshimoto


Mr. Koshi Nikaido


Greetings and good day!
Tokyo has established Tourism Representative office in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore in 2019. On behalf of the team, it is our pride and pleasure to be assigned as a representative of this magnificent city of Japan, Tokyo in these three countries. We have more than 20 years of experience in marketing field within South East Asia. Furthermore, we have strong and wide network from different industry, exclusively with travel agencies and media whilst providing 360-solution as a one-stop agency.

Many may have heard about Japan, and the first impression is Tokyo, but not all know much about this city or even spend enough time to enjoy in this city. Tokyo has a slogan called “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” which meant to communicate to travelers that this city is not just filled with rising skyscrapers, flashing neon signs and bustling streets filled with the newest technology but tourists also get to experience their unique traditions and culture dating back to the Edo period. Plus, there are some nature sightseeing in this city! It is our mission to share it across the countries to bring this message to the tourists and fill them with the fun and excitement awaiting in Tokyo!

Our teams are expert in the local market needs and wants respectively. Being a Tokyo Tourism Representative in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, we are able to provide the details and latest information of Tokyo to all of our travel-related partners and most importantly, to the Muslims in these countries. One of the biggest factors that is holding them back from visiting Japan, is the food – whether the food is halal or not. So, with us, one can easily reach out to us in order to find out more insightful information. Allow us to be your great travel guide for your next visit to Tokyo. If you have any inquiries about Tokyo, please do not hesitate to contact us at all time.

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