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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has recently set up Tokyo Tourism Representatives(hereinafter referred to as the Tourism Rep) in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Munich, Milano, Madrid , Sydney, Toronto, Beijing, Seoul, Taiwan and Malaysia (Thai / Singapore).

The Tourism Rep encourages people's attention to Tokyo's tourism by circulating tourist information and promoting travel sales to Tokyo in the local community of the above locations.

Each member of the Tourism Rep performs the following tasks as an overseas representative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for its tourism promotions:

Providing Tokyo's tourist information to local community

  • Providing information needed by tourism-concerned local businesses e.g. travel agents and the media
    Each member of the Tourism Rep collects Tokyo's latest tourist information that would meet the interest of locals and publishes them in an e-mail magazine as well as on the website.
  • Distribution of the latest information materials
    The Tourism Rep distributes tourist information materials prepared by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government along with other useful travel information of Tokyo to the local community, mainly focusing on the tourism industry.
  • PR activities for Tokyo's tourism at local seminars and business fairs
    The Tourism Rep actively participates in tourism-related seminars and business fairs held locally to build a broad business network in the local tourism industry and also to perform PR activities including the distribution of information materials.

Listening to local voice about Tokyo's tourism

  • Listening to major local travel agents to understand the actual situation of product development of tours to Tokyo as well as to learn their requirements for Tokyo's tourism
  • Collecting information from research and reports on the local situation of overseas travels, including ones to Japan
    The Tourism Rep listens directly to the local tourism industry and gives feedback to tourist-related businesses in Tokyo. The Tourism Rep also collects information on the local situation of overseas travels. Your honest opinions, requests and suggestions about Tokyo's tourism are very much appreciated.

Performing as a local office of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Following up participants in Tokyo City Promotion overseas events as well as to travel agents/the media which participated in the fam trip sponsored by Metropolitan Government.