Mr.Katsuji TOCHINO


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Mr.Katsuji Tochino

I have been working for more than twenty years in the field of sales and marketing in tourism. For over seventeen years of my career, I have been promoting Australian tourism in the Japanese market. I have broad experience in the tourism industry and have worked with travel agents as well as with suppliers and government organizations. I have also built a broad network of contacts both inside and outside the tourism industry.

I first engaged in promoting Australian tourism in the Japanese market when I worked for Qantas Airways and then Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation in Tokyo. During that time, I gradually developed the idea to move to and live in Australia. After moving to Australia in 1997, I studied Business English and completed the Master's Program in Commerce Hospitality Management at the School of Marketing at the University of New South Wales. For over seventeen years, I have been working for the promotion of Australian tourism, based mainly in Tokyo and Sydney.

I return to Japan at least twice a year for business while visiting family and friends. After making a number of trips between Sydney and Tokyo for almost ten years, I now feel that both cities have become my second hometowns. When I saw the movie “Lost in Translation,” I was struck with nostalgia for Tokyo and felt like it was "my town." I am quite honoured to be assigned as a Tourism Representative of the City of Tokyo and would like to contribute to the project on behalf of my favourite city, Tokyo, and on behalf of my second home country, Australia, by using my extensive experience and contacts in the tourism industry.

Tokyo is one of the most well-known cosmopolitan cities in the world. However, many people still do not know much about Tokyo's diverse charms including its culture, history, and nature, on top of its excitement as a big international city. I would like to devote myself to rediscovering Tokyo's attractions and introducing them to Australian people, inviting more visitors from Australia to Tokyo, and encouraging them to stay longer and come back often.(May 2008)