Ms. Yoko Takechi


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Ms. Yoko Takechi

We have dedicated a large part of our work to encouraging greater cultural awareness and affinity between Japan and the UK, and it is therefore a great honour and privilege for us to have been appointed as the London tourism representatives of the City of Tokyo. We are keenly aware of the many charms and attractions that the capital has to offer, and so it is with great enthusiasm that we set about the task of promoting the city as a tourist destination for UK citizens.

In our current activities, we try to develop awareness of Japanese culture, and in particular food and drink culture, among those living in the UK. In recent years, Japanese culture, and especially food and drink, has become widely popular in the UK, and interest continues to grow. This is very heartening to us, but what we try to do is to allow people to experience truly authentic cuisine and culture, among what in some cases may be diluted or altered versions of the real thing.

The best way to achieve this, of course, is to encourage people to visit the country and experience the real Japan at first hand, and in our opinion there is no better place to do this than Tokyo. Take the example of food. As the capital and largest city in Japan, Tokyo has more restaurants than almost any city in the world. As a result, competition is very fierce, and standards are extremely high. Not only that, but there is an unparalleled breadth of variety and choice available, and this holds true in many other aspects of Tokyo life.

As London tourism representatives of the City of Tokyo, we will endeavour to maintain close working relationships with those in the travel, media and other relevant sectors in both Japan and the UK, to ensure that the skills of the most talented and knowledgeable people available are applied to the task at hand. For centuries, Japan has imported and learned from ideas and culture from abroad. We hope that we can work to create a cultural flow in the opposite direction, and that the rest of the world can enjoy everything that Japan and Tokyo have to offer.