Ms. Keiko MORII


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Los Angeles

Ms. Keiko MORII
Greetings from Los Angeles!
On behalf of the Project M team, we are happy and proud to be newly representing the wonderful city of Tokyo in Los Angeles.

Tokyo offers the unique dichotomy of an ultra modern landscape intertwined with ancient tradition unlike no other travel destination. At Project M, Inc. we have had the privilege to be the Agency of record in promoting Japan as a whole from the United States for the past 8+ years and very much look forward to unveiling and promoting the unmatched cultural, artistic and culinary enticements that only Tokyo can offer. Los Angeles, of course, is the city in the US with the most pervasive cultural and culinary ties to Japan. In this, most every Angelino has had the opportunity to experience some level of Japanese culture or cuisine. At Project M, we will utilize this understanding and execute on a multi tiered strategy focused on three core metrics:

1.Optimizing relationships with the areas travel professionals. Reaching out individually to better understand their client’s needs and offering poignant and insightful information to better help them educate and entice their customers to choose Tokyo as their next travel destination.

2.Working collaboratively with the local press and media to promote Tokyo through a continuous and consistent flow of information provided to educate the local media on all things “new” related to Tokyo as well as to reinforce the messaging highlighted through print/digital advertising and travel professionals of the varied qualities that only Tokyo offers.

3.Effective direct to consumer advertising driving interest in Tokyo as a travel destination.

Tokyo offers something unique and different for each individual. “Your Tokyo” is something that must be experienced to be realized. Tokyo offers some of the world’s most elegant and trendy shopping areas, amazing and eclectic food markets, majestic temples and shrines as well as leading edge pop culture including manga and anime. In all this, the glue that binds Tokyo together is the warm-heated hospitality and kindness of the people.

We encourage you to contact us for any information or help we can provide to guide you on your first or next trip to “your” Tokyo.