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The hotel lobby is on the 26th floor of Shinagawa East One Tower

An elegant hotel in the sky, with sunlight pouring through its majestic atrium

The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo is directly connected to the Konan exit of Shinagawa station of Japan Rail and Keikyu Railways lines by pedestrian walkway. With easy access to central Tokyo and Haneda and Narita airports, and connected to the rest of Japan by bullet train, the hotel warmly welcomes everyone from foreign businesspeople to tourists. With an atrium that stretches from the 26th floor lobby to its highest floor, the hotel boasts such a spacious, airy atmosphere that guests can easily forget they're in a major metropolis.

A spacious, open lobby with a therapeutic air

“The Dining Room” (right) and “China Shadow” (in back)

The moment you set foot in the hotel and are greeted with the gentle aroma of the lobby, it's easy to believe you've entered somewhere out of the ordinary. The entire hotel is an expansive, therapeutic space, from the airy, open atrium that extends to its highest floor to the flowing water that seems to surround the dining area to the greenery and flowers arranged around the heart of the hotel. The main floor contains not only the hotel's reception desk but also “The Dining Room”—a cafe, bar, and dining space—as well as “China Shadow”, a Chinese restaurant with sweeping night views of Tokyo. Japanese or Western-style breakfast is served in “The Dining Room”.

Guests rooms draw on the colors of the natural world to provide a space where guests can relax

The hotel contains a total of 206 guest rooms. About half of the guest rooms are Deluxe grade rooms, 32 square meters large, that contain a double bed or twin beds. It's a given that guests can relax in comfort in the hotel's guest rooms, and at 110 meters above the ground the rooms offer night views of Tokyo that are, in a word, stunning. The hotel offers rooms with views in every direction, including rooms that look out over Mount Fuji, over Tokyo Bay and the artificial island of Odaiba with its shops and leisure facilities, towards central Tokyo with its waves of skyscrapers, and across to Tokyo Tower. Rooms have a natural aesthetic with a green, white, and brown color scheme and provide a tranquil space in which to relax.

An unbroken view of the city

Evening dining with night views of Tokyo

The expansive windows offer views of the Odaiba area in Tokyo Bay

In “China Shadow”, guests can gaze at night views of the city to their hearts' content while enjoying the dining experience. The restaurant has table seating as well as counter seats with city views, and private dining rooms. The main attraction here is the restaurant’s innovative Guangdong-style cuisine. Based on traditional cooking techniques and flavors and also drawing on regional specialties from around China, at the same time the cuisine here brings out the natural flavors of fresh ingredients. Dinner here has five courses. Lunch is also popular, with three-course options as well as an option that makes the most of “China Shadow”’s attractions: a premier lunch menus. Both “The Dining Room” and “China Shadow” have English menus.


The hotel concierge can help with any and all guest requests

Special Features

The hotel concierge can take care of a wide variety of requests for hotel guests. In addition to helping guests enjoy their stay at the hotel, the concierge can also give travel advice for destinations across Japan and share tips on how to enjoy the Shinagawa area. Among other activities, the concierge recommends taking a walk through the North Shinagawa shopping arcade, which still contains remnants of its former life as a stopover hub on the old Tokaido highway. This old road connected Kyoto and Tokyo during Japan's Edo period and was often traveled by regional daimyo governors on their way to pay tribute to the shogun in Tokyo. The shopping arcade is a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel. Please consult with the concierge for details.

Hotel information

The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo

Address:Shinagawa East One Tower 26th to 32nd Floors, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku Postal code:108-8282

Access:A one-minute walk from the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station, which is on the Japan Rail and Keikyu Railways lines (connected directly by pedestrian walkway). There are elevators connecting the station and the hotel.

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