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The red “M” for Marriott glows against the white and black décor of the entrance lobby

An international hotel providing an expansively elegant space

The Tokyo Marriott Hotel opened in December 2013 in lush Gotenyama, a part of the city prestigious since the Edo Era where senior statesmen in the Tokugawa Shogunate government would meet to relax, view cherry blossoms, and participate in the tea ceremony. It is located in Gotenyama Trust City, a location that combines office skyscrapers, luxury residences, Japanese gardens and more, and also offers easy access to Haneda Airport.

Guest rooms stylishly engineered for optimal function

The hotel has 249 spacious guest rooms, of an average size of 38 square meters.

On first entering one of the hotel’s guest rooms, which are all stylishly engineered for optimal function, what catches your eye and makes an impression are the graceful curves of the sofa, table, and bedside lamp. On the purple carpet (a color regarded since Edo times as the hue of nobility) is a cherry blossom pattern, referencing Gotenyama's famed cherry trees. The high-ceilinged rooms are infused throughout with the essence of Japanese peacefulness. Expansive night views of Haneda Airport and Tokyo Bay stretch out from guest room windows on the east side of the hotel, while rooms on the west side offer views of Shibuya and central Tokyo.

Lounge and Dining G, an integrated space including a restaurant, lounge, bar, and more.

Just by the hotel entrance is Lounge and Dining G, an integrated single floor that includes a restaurant, lounge, shops, terrace, bar, and private dining rooms perfect for conducting business. Just in front of the central bar counter are the shops, terrace, and lounge, and further back is the dining area where guests can enjoy lingering over a meal. Popular drinks at the cafe include original smoothies, which guests can have order-made from a selection of fruits and toppings. This special service allows guests to enjoy their own custom-made flavors. Western-style breakfast is also served at Lounge and Dining G.

Breakfast is also served at Lounge and Dining G

GGCo., offering cake, Tokyo regional specialty curry bread, and more

Located at the entrance to Lounge and Dining G

The hotel's bakery and pastry shop carries freshly baked bread as well as tempting cakes and gift items such as jams. The shop's most well known product is Tokyo Curry Bread, made from dough with tapioca kneaded into it. These treats are baked in a long, thin shape so they can be eaten with one hand. The subtle sweetness of the springy dough pairs perfectly with the filling’s rich curry flavor, making for a novel food experience. Another popular offering at the shop is a specially priced takeout lunch pack that includes two types of bread and coffee or tea.


Gotenyama is a particularly peaceful part of Shinagawa Ward. Guests can stroll about enjoying Tokyo nature.

Special Features

The hotel is located in a part of the metropolis full of lush greenery. The outer circumference of Gotenyama Trust City is about 1km, perfect for a light jog. To the east flows the Meguro River, and the hotel recommends strolling by the riverside and enjoying the refreshing breeze.

Cash and Credit Cards: The hotel accepts major foreign credit cards for payment, and there is an adjacent Japan Post Bank ATM that accepts foreign cards. The ATM is open from 9am to 5pm. The hotel can provide currency exchange for US dollar, British pounds, Australian dollars, Euro, Hong Kong dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, and Singapore dollars.

Language support: Hotel staff can speak English, and there are also staff members who speak Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and Nepali. Hotel restaurants have English menus.

Internet Access: The hotel has both paid Wi-Fi and LAN internet.
The cost is 1,500 yen per night (free for Marriot Rewards members).

Security: The hotel has in-room safes.

Laundry: The hotel offers regular and express laundry service.
(extra charge for express service)

Smoking: Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available, and there is an indoor smoking area located in the first basement floor.

Hotel information

Tokyo Marriott Hotel

Address:4-7-36, Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku Postal code:140-0001

Access:There is a free shuttle bus from Takanawa exit of Shinagawa Station, on the bullet train, JR line, and Keikyu line. The shuttle bus takes five minutes. The hotel is also a ten minute walk from Shinagawa Station. Shinagawa Station has elevators, convenient for guests with rolling suitcases or other heavy luggage.

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