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Elegance in the heart of Asakusa

Travel back in time to old Edo Japan

Just a short walk from Asakusa’s famed Sensoji Temple lies an inn with over 60 years of history. Named after a famous kabuki play, Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo is an elegant inn set behind weeping willows, with a rickshaw beside the entrance. A trove of antiques, art, and traditional toys are on display in the inn’s Jishotei (literally, “the bell of time”) Lounge in which guests can relax to take in the historic atmosphere.

Experience a stay surrounded by Japanese antiques

A traditional guest room

Sadachiyo’s 20 rooms range in size from 12 to 37 m2 and are all equipped with a private bath and toilet. The rooms are individually furnished with Japanese antiques, furniture and art, bringing out the individual character of each room. Guest rooms are named after the different Edo-period firefighting groups that worked to keep the city safe. The halls and common areas are decorated with woodblock prints depicting the Sanja Matsuri, Tokyo’s most famous festival, as well as the actual tools used by firefighters. Sadachiyo is filled with antiques that elsewhere would be trapped behind glass cases, but to help guests understand the feeling of old Tokyo, here the owner has them out in the open to see—and even touch. The whole building has the air of a gallery from the past.

Feast like the merchants of old Edo

Sadachiyo offers skillfully prepared Edo cuisine, such as that featured in the works of Shotaro Ikenami, a famous novelist and gourmand known for his stories of city life in Edo Japan. Many of the dishes are inspired by traditional foods featured in the story Onihei Hankacho, an Edo-period police story. Every meal features no fewer than fifteen different dishes, each artfully served on its own plate. Guests can experience time-honored Tokyo foods like fish dumplings in a light broth, soy sauce marinated sashimi tuna, and the highly esteemed unagi-ryori, cuisine using the Japanese freshwater eel. Each plat of this rotating seasonal menu is an expression of Tokyo’s culinary roots.

Enjoy a seasonal tempura, sashimi and other delicacies

Relax in two different kinds of baths

Decorations at the entrance to the public bath

All of Sadachiyo’s rooms have a private bath and toilet, but for a more spacious soak the inn features two public baths. The first, Sakura ga yu, is made of fragrant Japanese cypress, and Gofuku no yu, made of black granite. Baths are separated by gender (alternating daily) and open to guests from 4:00 pm--10:00 am. The entrance room to each bath is tastefully decorated with woodblock prints and carvings that give a glimpse of Japan’s traditional public baths.


Performers playing traditional ballads

Special Features

With the Edo Tradition Plan, guests can enjoy a variety of Edo-period culture and entertainment. Groups of 10 or more can request the lunch or dinner kaiseki course meal with a selection of 12 different entertainments such as the lion dance, shamisen music, or a performance by Asakusa geisha. Sadachiyo also offers a yakata-bune course, a party cruise along the Sumida River, as well as a tour around old Tokyo led by a professional storyteller.

• Internet Access: The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and in-room LAN internet access.
• Cash and Currency Exchange: Guests can exchange currency at the nearby Mizuho Bank, or withdraw cash with a foreign ATM card at the nearby 7-11.
• Credit cards: The hotel accepts foreign-issued credit cards
• Security: The hotel has in-room safes and guests may also leave valuables at reception
• English support: The hotel front desk staff speak English and the restaurant has English menus
• Breakfast options: The hotel features a Japanese-style breakfast
• Laundry: The hotel has coin laundry machines
• Non-smoking rooms: There are no dedicated non-smoking rooms but the air is cleaned between guests
• Bedding: All rooms are Japanese tatami mats with futons

Hotel information

Sukeroku no Yado Sadachiyo

Address:2-20-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku Postal code:111-0032

Access:The inn is an 8 minute walk from Tawaramachi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or a 2 minute walk from the Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station.
While the Tawaramachi Station has an elevator, the Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station only has stairs.

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