A Value Ticket to New Face of Tokyo(Mt. Takao, Yomiuri-Land)


If you have got to Tokyo in the past, we recommend Mt. Takao & Yomiuri-Land as next must-visit place.
Mt. Takao & Yomiuri-Land are in Tokyo.
Mt. Takao is in about 50 minutes from Shinjuku(directly by train). You can enjoy nature, natural hot spring, Japanese food, etc. in Mt. Takao.
And, Yomiuri-Land is the largest amusement park in Tokyo, which in about 30 minutes from Shinjuku(directly by train).Especially, we recommend to see winter illumination that lighted up by millions of color-full light.
This brochure is a guide of useful and economic tickets that you can enjoy Mt.Takao & Yomiuri-Land.

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