Nakano Koenji Night Guide

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Koenji Junjo Hotel
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This night guide was co-produced by the guest house “Kouenji Junjo Hotel” and the Nakano-ku Tourism Association, so that more foreign tourists can enjoy the charm and gourmet cuisine of Nakano and Koenji nightlife. Published in this guide are a total of 66 shops, 33 from Nakano and 33 from Kouenji, that are open late into the night. Furthermore, the guide features comments about the shops and maps of the area in both Japanese and English. We introduce exciting locations such as an Izakaya that boasts Japanese sake and eclectic cuisine, a bar where you can enjoy performances using traditional Japanese instruments, a popular and reasonable sushi restaurant known for its sashimi, a vegan food cafe, and a ramen shop. Nakano and Kouenji can both be reached from Shinjuku by train in about 10 minutes. It is known as a haven for Japan’s subculture, featuring many unique and creative restaurants that are owner-operated, as well as many bars and pubs for you to enjoy a drink. On the “How to Enjoy Japanese Izakaya” page, explanations are given in English and simple to read “Easy Japanese,” regarding topics such as how to take off your shoes in a Japanese style room and the charge for the pre-meal service. This guide also provides phrases that are often used in izakayas, such as “Check please.” This book will help you enjoy bar-hopping like a local.

The flyer is available by a PDF file.

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