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Vol.126, September 2021

Urban Prospects along the New Season

From Editor (Kyoko Higashi)


After making it through this unusual summer season, a cool breeze finally returns to the office districts of central Tokyo. I’ve been so engrossed in sports recently that I hadn’t noticed the gradual transition into autumn shown by the beautiful nature around Tokyo. One of the harbingers of fall in Japan is the spectacular red spider lily. The otherworldly beauty of these brilliant flowers creates dramatic landscapes that transport you to another dimension. This Japanese garden from the Edo period - Koishikawa Korakuen - is just one of the many attractive places around Tokyo where you be amazed by the blooming higanbana. With its designated wheelchair routes, and the park's "Wheelchair Accessibility Map," everyone can be rest assured to have a lovely experience when viewing Tokyo's stunning autumn gardens.

Kyoko Higashi / TOKYO NOW Editorial staff

News & Topics

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  • Tokyo2020

Tokyo National Museum presents Special Thematic Exhibition in Celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Sports NIPPON. In commemoration of the Tokyo 2020 Games, “Sports NIPPON,” a special exhibition introducing the history and culture of sports in Japan through the collections of the Tokyo National Museum and the Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum is held at the Tokyo National Museum from July 13 to September 20, 2021. Japan’s long history of sports can be traced back to imperial courts events, samurai martial arts, games enjoyed among everyday people, religious rituals, and performing arts. This is an incredible opportunity for you to look back at the origins and development of Japanese sports.

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The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center’s PARASAPO WEB (English) provides a wealth of online media about the Paralympics and para sports. PARASAPO WEB is a comprehensive site that provides not only the date of para athletes but also a look into the realities of para sports in Tokyo today.

  • Walks & Tours

The Tokyo Sightseeing Accessibility Guide gets a fresh update. The new 2021 version of Tokyo Sightseeing Accessibility Guide lets you choose thirty Tokyo sightseeing courses by area and theme. It’s a wonderfully helpful guide that includes information on things like restroom accessibility, as well as travel tips for in the city.

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The Japan Ninja Council opens the Ninja Information Center Tokyo & Dojo, the first place in Asakusa where you can meet “real” ninjas!
The Ninja Information Center & Dojo provides hands-on experience with ninjutsu by actual ninjas and acts as a hub to connect ninja villages all over Japan. A sight never before seen in Tokyo, this is a new must-go place for ninja enthusiasts.

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  • Southern Tokyo

Roppongi gets a major makeover in anticipation of a post-COVID Tokyo! Roppongi is where the world can find Japan’s renewed yokocho (side street eateries) culture. Restaurants and producers in the food industry who have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic have come together to revitalize Roppongi eateries and carry on the yokocho culture with the renovated Tokyo Yokocho Roppongi Terrace, a collection of famous restaurants found along Roppongi’s side streets. These eateries serve the perfect selection of Roppongi gourmet dishes and drinks.

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The town of Shimokitazawa, popular with international visitors, undergoes urban development with a truly unique concept. A 1.7 km section of the former Odakyu Odawara Line of railroad tracks that run through Shimokitazawa Station has been redeveloped to create the Senrogai Street shopping and leisure area. In Japan, large shopping centers are often built in front of train stations, but Senrogai Street aims to transform the station and surrounding shops into an area where residents and visitors can meet, socialize, and interact with local businesses. One of this includes 『reload』, a spot consisting of 24 individually-spaced partitions with unique shops and cafes. Prior to its June launch, each has their particular, select ingredient; distinguished owners are to be expected at every corner. This November, a new commercial facility aimed at building a community lifestyle will open directly connected to the southwest exit of Shimokitazawa Station.

Get Inquisitive by Kyoko Higashi

The Past, Present, and Future of Japan’s Capital are Written on the Shores of Tokyo Bay

Out of the 43 Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 venues, 14 are located around the Tokyo Bay area. However, the story about the Tokyo Bay area is just the beginning. Future Tokyo: Tokyo’s Long-Term Strategy will tackle challenges facing the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in an integrated manner from the economical, societal, and environmental perspectives; all of which are the three dimensions of sustainable development. One of its key projects, the Tokyo Bay eSG Project, shall function as a model for sustainable cities in the Tokyo Bay area. Not to mention, the said endeavor will set sights on urban development for the next 50 to 100 years to come. The bayside Ariake Urban Sports Park is the example of this. It’s a temporary facility where the BMX and skateboarding portions of Tokyo2020 will take place – all in the same year. Then again, in 2022, the area will be reborn as the New Ariake Marine Park (temporary name), with a planned expansion in 2023 which will see it transformed into a memorial park.

But that doesn’t mean that Tokyo’s waterfront doesn’t offer anything exciting now. It’s probably of the capital’s busiest areas full of world-class hotels that are very accessible from the Haneda Airport. In Odaiba, many amusement parks are of favorites among families, and, its planned redevelopment should make it a sight more fascinating in the near future. On the other hand, you should head on down to the Harumi Canal, which in recent years has become quite the craze as a Tokyo nightscape-viewing spot. Even though the scene may be studded in glitz and glamour, the cozy atmosphere makes it a trip to covet for. Toyosu's cityscape shines brightly among its waters, the Harumi Bridge and passing boats greet onlooking pedestrians, and remnants of old Showa and markers of the modern ward leave one fluttery with a pleasant day. You may even chance upon seeing a yakatabune (traditional houseboat) if you’re lucky!

Or, if you’re a fan of history, there are many places around the bay where you can feel the spirit of Japan of yesteryear. You’ll find a lot of Tokyo’s surviving traditional architecture in Tsukudajima, which isn’t too far from Tsukishima Monja Street, the best place to get monjayaki: Japan’s savory runny pancakes. For a relaxing encounter with nature, visit the Kyu-Shiba-rikyu and Hama-rikyu gardens, which used to belong to powerful feudal lords. If you find the time, be sure to also visit the remains of Odaiba’s cannon fortresses, located in Tokyo Bay behind the giant floating monument of the Olympic rings. Today, the third and sixth of these fortresses still stand proud, with the third currently being designed anew as a park.

Hama-rikyu gardens

Kyu-Shiba-rikyu gardens

Daiba Park

Pick up Movies

FUTURE TOKYO: Tokyo Bay eSG Project (Promotional Movie) Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims for sustainable urban development that fuses “Nature” and “Convenience”, with an eye to 50 and 100 years into the future.

Last April, the Tokyo Metropolitan Archives relocated to a new facility and began offering a digital archive service.

Enjoy scenes of open-air Noh performances from Hibiya Festival 2021.

Monozukuri Video Series: Tokyo silverware, a traditional craft of Tokyo, is made mainly in the eastern area of Tokyo. This episode of the Monozukuri web series introduces you to workshops that manufacture and sell precious metal products and jewelry.

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