Chuo City Tourism Map

팸플릿의 개요

There are five areas in Chuo city: Nihonbashi, Ginza, Tsukiji, Ningyocho and Tsukuda/Tsukishima.The charms of the areas are found in this map. Many unique festivals in Chuo City are held as are listed.You can also find information about public transportation including “Edo Bus,” the 100 yen coin bus which runs within the city. Additionally, you can learn about the history, culture and historical architectures.Check this out and explore with this map when you visit Chuo City.

관련된 팸플릿

도쿄 여행가이드(Korean)
관광 이벤트 음식 쇼핑 숙박 교통 기타 카테고리
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관광 이벤트
TOKYO NIGHT Story 2020
관광 이벤트 기타 카테고리
TCVB News Letter Vol. 73
관광 이벤트 음식 쇼핑 숙박 교통
TCVB News Letter Vol. 72
관광 이벤트 음식 쇼핑 숙박 교통
Chuo City Area Guidemap Tsukuda Tsukishima
관광 이벤트 교통
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