Adachi Twilight Adventures

  • Publication Date :  2019
  • Language :  English
  • Others : 
  • Category :  Sightseeing Events Dining
  • Area : 
  • Publishers :  Adachi Tourism and Exchange Association
  • Reference Links :  http://adachikanko.net/


Filled with the Adachi’s culture and history and so much more!
It features a lot of amazing old stories and oral traditions also bring you to the many historical places related to the iconic cultured person, such as “Matuo Basyo” and ” Kobayasi Issa” and so on.Offered in Japanese and English writing.
The remarkable two illustrations, [大緋鯉(Big red cap)] and [そば閻魔(Soba Yama)], are specially written work for this brochure by Yukio Amano, widely known as “Youkai illustrator”.

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