Japanese Manners Book for Inbound Visitors (Travelers) ・入境对应 礼仪教科书

  • Publication Date :  2019
  • Language :  English
  • Others : 
  • Category :  Sightseeing Dining Shopping Accommodation Transportation
  • Area : 
  • Publishers :  Future -style Comics Future Trip Co., Ltd
  • Reference Links :  https://future0725.com


Japanese culture and manners are expressed in manga in an easy-to-understand manner.This is a general trend in Japan, so I would appreciate it if you could have it as a reference when you stayed in Japan.There is a quiz on the way, so please enjoy it until the end. 以漫画的形式把日本的文化和礼仪通俗易懂的表现出来。这都是日本的一般常识,如果能作为您在日期间的参考资料,实属不胜荣幸。中途也会有小测试的环节,期待您阅读到最后。

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