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"Enjoy Valentine's Day in Tokyo"

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Free Wi-Fi Service for Foreign Visitors Available at Over 100 Stations on Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro
Free Wi-Fi Service Available at 143 Stations on Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro
From December 1st, 2014, free Wi-Fi service has been available at 143 stations of Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro lines, which many overseas tourists use, such as Ginza Station, Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, Roppongi Station and so on. By using the "Japan Connected free Wi-Fi" app and registering your information, you do not need to log into each Wi-Fi access point by re-registering. A sticker (shown on right) is the sign of a place where you can use this free Wi-Fi service.
Website http://www.tokyometro.jp/en/tips/connectivity/freewifi/index.html

Seven-Eleven Started Tax-Free Service for Foreign Travelers
Asakusa Kaminarimonmae Store

Convenience store Seven-Eleven Japan Co. on December 1st, 2014, started exempting foreign visitors from paying 8% consumption tax at two of its shops: one is Tokyo's Asakusa Kaminarimonmae Store and the other one is in Kyoto, both in popular tourist spots.
At the two shops, foreign customers can buy items tax-free if the total price reaches 5,001 yen to 500,000 yen (about 42 dollars to 4200 dollors, tax excluded). They need to put the items in a special basket and show their passports at a counter newly established for tax-free goods.
Seven-Eleven will further expand the tax-free shops to 1,000 in Japan by the end of 2015. The guidebooks on tax-free shopping in English, Chinese and Thai have been installed.

Special Article

Join the Sweet Festa of Valentine's Day in Tokyo!
February 14 is Valentine's Day. While people around the world celebrate in various ways, giving flowers, gifts, and cards to their lover or close friends, Japan has a unique Valentine's Day's culture.

Valentine's Day's Culture in Japan
In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day when women give chocolate to their boyfriend, husband, or a man (sometimes several men) whom the women want to express their love or affection, unlike Western countries where couples usually exchange cards and gifts (not limited to chocolate) with each other or have dinner together.

There are several stories concerning the current Japanese custom's origin: one that is the most commonly believed is that a confectionery company in Tokyo proposed this idea and sold it to a department store in Tokyo. At first, the chocolates did not sell so much, but this activity gained popularity year by year and now has become a festive spree.

Gifts women present to men are chocolate and chocolate-related items and are divided into several categories in terms of purposes: "Honmei choko" (choko means chocolate in Japanese) for someone special, "Giri choko" out of courtesy, and so on.

According to the research "Valentine Survey 2013" by Internet research company Macromill, 83% of working women said they have a plan to buy a Valentine present. Among the responses, 60% women said they buy only chocolate as a gift and 21% of women said they buy chocolate and another gift.In addition, the amount spent for a Valentine gift averages 4,758 yen (about 40 dollars).

After the custom of Valentine's Day became rooted in Japan, men began to give sweets and other gifts in return to the women who gave them chocolate, on March 14, which is called "White Day." This activity was innovated in and has developed in Japan.

Experience the Festivity of Valentine's Day in Tokyo!
Every year, during the period of about a month before February 14, towns and shops are full of a festive mood in Tokyo. Most department stores hold Valentine's Day-themed events and different kinds of chocolate goods are sold. There are also events and workshops where you can experience how to make chocolate by yourself and enjoy the "world of chocolate" still more. Many famous chocolatiers come to Japan for different chocolate events of this season every year. The range of prices and types of chocolate in Tokyo is wide, and if you like, you can buy chocolate for under 500 yen (about 4 dollars) and also buy gorgeous items for over 37,000 yen (about 315 dollars). Here are some special events and chocolate products available only in Tokyo!

Recommended Events in Tokyo in 2015
Name Valentine Fair 2015
Ginza Mitsukoshi / Nihombashi Mitsukoshi department stores
Date January 28-February 14
Overview Ginza's theme is Essense de l'amour, and Nihombashi's theme is Le Musee du chocolat. Many items only available during this event are sold.
Recommended items
Chocolaterie de Monaco (left) & Valentine's Bar Ganache Japon (right)

Chocolaterie de Monaco:
Available only at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Department Store.
A luxurious collaboration of Grace Kelly Princess's wedding chocolate and her favorite pottery brand.
25,000 yen (212 dollars), 6 pieces.

Valentine's Bar Ganache Japon (Masumi):
Ganache using "Masumi," renowned Nagano Prefecture sake.
1,080 yen (9 dollars).

Special menu in SALVATORE CUOMO (left) and DELREY Cafe & Chocolatier (right)
Name OMOTESANDO HILLS Valentine 2015
Omotesando Hills
Date January 23(Fri)-February 14(Sat)
Overview Limited items from popular chocolatiers are available. There is special heart-shaped pizza only for Valentine.

Chocolate Featured During Valentine's Day Season in Tokyo
Darana Horse Chocolate
(only sold in Mitsukoshi Isetan)
Some items are only available during Valentine's Day season. There are many limited chocolate goods in the Valentine's Day season in department stores. If you want to choose special chocolate for gifts or souvenirs, touring department stores around Tokyo is a good way to find your favorite chocolate!

• Please keep in mind all prices below are tax-included.

Luxurious Brand Chocolate
Name Diamond Box
Delrey (Ginza / Omotesando)
Delrey Diamond Box

Delrey is a well-established chocolate shop from Belgium and has two shops in Tokyo in addition to its main shop in Belgium. In the Valentine's Day season of 2015, the shops in Tokyo will sell four flavors limited to this period only in addition to the two regular flavors.

5,724 yen (49 dollars), 10 pieces.
URL http://www.delrey.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

Name Cave à 96 chocolats
Cave à 96 chocolats

Assortment of jewelry-like chocolate bonbons produced by Jean-Paul Hévin, an artisan chocolatier awarded a Meilleur Ouvrier de France medal.

37,032 yen (315 dollars), 96 pieces.

Chocolate Special to Tokyo
Name Tokyo Chocolate
Isetan Shinjuku, Isetan Haneda Store
Shima-sio & Caramel Chocolate

This brand was created in 2009 under the concept of international city Tokyo that has a variety of charms. Tokyo's scenery is depicted on the packages.

One item uses salt from islands in Tokyo.

Shima-sio & Caramel Chocolate: 540yen, 11 pieces.
URL http://tokyo-chocolate.jp/ (Japanese only)

Chocolate Special to Japan
Name Crayons Colorés
Sweets & Deli in Palace Hotel Tokyo (Marunouchi)
Crayons Colorés (left) & Chiyo Chocolates (right)

Colored-pencil-like chocolate goods. Each shaft is decorated with traditional patterns of Origami and Kimono, and creates a Japanese feel.

3,024 yen (26 dollars), 5 pieces, limited to 300.

Chiyo Chocolates in this store also offers a traditional atmosphere.
URL http://www.palacehoteltokyo.com/restaurant/sweets_deli.php (Japanese only)

Name Fruits live
Fruits live

Chocolate bonbons with fruit taste and aroma, such as yuzu and pineapple.

1,852 yen (15 dollars), 5 pieces.
URL http://pourjours.jp/ (Japanese only)

Special Shop in Tokyo
Name KIT KAT Chocolatory
Tokyo Daimaru Store (left) & Orange Cocktail (right)
This is the first KIT KAT-specialized shop in the world. Supervised by Yasumasa Takagi, owner chef of Le Patissier Takagi, it sells special KIT KAT items only available at KIT KAT Chocolatory shops, and they are good souvenirs.
You can even buy special tastes which are only sold in Tokyo such as Orange-cocktail taste, just 432 yen (4 dollars) for 4 pieces.
URL http://nestle.jp/brand/kit/chocolatory/ (Japanese only)

Since chocolate can be also exempted from tax if it meets certain conditions thanks to the revision of the tax-free system in Japan in autumn 2014, if you come to Tokyo from late January to mid-February, why not look for your favorite items and buy more chocolate? Valentine's Day is a big event in Tokyo and Japan in late winter. Come, join this "sweet event," and find nice chocolate!

Tokyo's Concept Cafe
Appearance (left) & Cafe Area (right)
Character Pancake

Square Enix (SQEX) is a Japanese video game developer, publisher, and distribution company. It is best known for its role-playing video games such as the Final Fantasy series, the Dragon Quest series, and others.
ARTNIA is an official shop and cafe of SQEX in Shinjuku and sells goods focused on popular characters of the company's games. The egg-like dome building is eye-catching. It is divided into three areas: Cafe & Bar Area, Fancy Area, and Luxury Area.
Cafe & Bar Area is a relaxing space decorated with the company's character goods. It can be used as a usual cafe in the daytime and bar service starts from 5 p.m. Here you can have dishes that are decorated with Square Enix characters, such as this pancake (right photo). At Fancy Area, a variety of goods are on display and you can find nice souvenirs here. Indulge in the SQEX's world!
Website http://www.jp.square-enix.com/artnia/en/information.html
Address Shinjuku Eastside Square 1F, 6-27-30, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Map Map
Open 11:00-22:00 (last call for food 21:00, for drink 21:30)
Close Not fixed

Event Information
Tokyo's Spring Full of Pink Blossoms - Cherry Blossom Events
Cherry blossom is one of the most important natural features that make Japanese people have a keen sense of season. Here are some popular areas in Tokyo where you can enjoy cherry blossoms during the short, two weeks!
Chidorigafuchi moat

Chiyoda no Sakura Matsuri 2015

Many events take place in venues such as the Chidorigafuchi moats, Yasukuni-jinja Shrine and Kanda-jinja Shrine, where are famous cherry blossom spots. The blossoms are lit up in the evening and create a romantic atmosphere. In the daytime, You can enjoy seeing the pink flowers from boats. As the boat riding time is extended into the night, you can also enjoy a fascinating night riding.
Map Map
Date From late March to early April, 2015 (variable depending on the flower conditions)

Sakura in the night
Meguro River Sakura Festa

About 800 someiyoshino cherry trees bloom along the 3.8 km (about 2.35 miles) from O-hashi Bridge to Taiko-bashi Bridge on both sides of the Meguro River in spring. You can enjoy the lovely flowers in a quiet atmosphere here while seeing the reflection on the water. The area from Tenjin-bashi Bridge to Horai-bashi Bridge is lit up by paper lanterns and the night view is fascinating, too. It is home to unique, stylish shops, so shopping here is also enjoyable.
Website http://meguro-kanko.com/sakura.html (Japanese only)
Map Map
Date From late March to early April, 2015 (variable depending on the flower conditions)

Ueno Sakura Matsuri

There are about 800 cherry trees in Ueno Park which make the area well known as a splendid cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo. Ueno Park is even selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing places in Japan. Traditional music and dance performances at Kiyomizu Kannondo, Plant Fair, and Open-air Antique Fair are also held during the period of the festival.
Website http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/index/event/kanko/uenosakuramatsuri.html
Map Map
Date From late March to early April, 2015 (variable depending on the flower conditions)

For more information about Cherry Blossom Events

List of events and festivals
Go to our website & find more exciting events and festivals.

No Negative Impact on Our Health: Updated Radiation-related

Radiation dose after touring Tokyo for one day (July 9, 2012) Report on field measurements
by Japan Tourism Agency

Measurements results of Environmental radiation levels in Tokyo
by Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health

Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake
by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

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