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News & Announcements

JR East Pass
A JR East Pass should be an essential part of any visitor's travel arrangements. Economical, flexible and convenient JR East Passes are now available for purchase online with your credit card. Use the simple step by step process and after you receive your confirmation of purchase via email, your pass will be ready to go!

Royal Park Hotel bilingual maps
Situated at the crossroads of Tokyo's famous Marunouchi and Ginza districts, The Royal Park Hotel now offers its guests an extensive restaurant guide highlighting area venues with English menus, those that accept credit cards and other helpful information. Enjoy!

TCVB Rental Photos
The new and improved TCVB photo library is available for travel agents and media.
http://tcvb.or.jp/en/library/ (available from mid March)


Event Information

* The event information below has been collected for about six months from now to better facilitate tour planning.

Koenji Awa Odori Dance Festival
August 26 to 28, 2009
Only a few short stops from Shinjuku, Koenji is an energetic, low-key, friendly tangle of shops, delicious restaurants and vibrant live houses. But, for a few days in late August Koenji hosts the second largest Awa Odori Dance Festival in Japan. 12,000 dancers create an amazing pageant celebrating this four centuries old art form. Enjoy the food and festivities at this important cultural event.


Azabu Juban Festival
August 2009
One of the few festivals not sponsored directly by a temple or shrine, the Azabu Juban Festival instead offers the visitor over 700 stalls selling an array of treats, trinkets, games and attire all the while accompanied by Japanese taiko drum performances and Bon festival dances.
Azabu Juban Station (Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)

Cool Summer Festival in Yukata
August 1, 2009 (Ryogoku)
Change into a comfortable Yukata and Geta (wooden sandals). Enjoy the cool summer evening and some traditional Japanese cultural events such as a tea ceremony (in the former Yasuda Garden), musical performance and Bon dance with street fairs. The Sumo Museum in Kokugikan Arena is also a worthwhile visit for sumo fans!

Tokyo Jazz Festival
August 29 to 31, 2009
One of Asia's largest jazz festivals, the Tokyo Jazz Festival welcomes artists from all over Japan and the world. Performing in a variety of styles, jazz aficionados will find dream lineups awaiting at Tokyo International Forum venue halls.

Tokyo International Film Festival
October 17 to 25, 2009
The Tokyo International Film Festival has become one of Asia's largest and most influential. TIFF ensures a diverse lineup every year and 2009 is no exception. TIFF features special screenings, workshops, seminars and events to keep casual fans and cinephiles enthralled!








Featured Event - Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival

Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival
August 11, 2009
Tokyo plays host to numerous fireworks festivals throughout the year. However, the Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival stands apart from the rest. Record crowds will again be lining the Tokyo Bay area to be treated to a display distinctive to Tokyo. Over 12,000 fireworks are launched over the Bay, leaving many viewers awestruck by the spectacle overhead in the skies. Arrive early to reserve a good spot and make sure your camera battery is fully charged.
Kachidoki Station (Toei Oedo Subway Line)
Toyosu Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)

Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival

Featured Theme - Nightlife Cruises

For centuries, residents and visitors have enjoyed the unique vantage point that touring Tokyo by yakatabune offers. These old style houseboats can be seen leisurely making their way around the waterways of Tokyo transporting guests enjoying the delicious food onboard and the spectacular skyline outside illuminating the night sky. Enjoy an afternoon or evening excursion virtually unchanged since Edo!
Each boat usually has its own embarkation point
Odaiba Station (Yurikamome Line)
http://www.yakatabune-kumiai.jp/info/pdf/panf01l.pdf (PDF)

Jicoo Floating Bar
Jicoo Floating Bar is definitely a unique addition to the waterborne crafts plying Tokyo's rivers and waterways. This futuristic ferry was designed by anime cartoonist Leiji Matsumoto and looks the part. Yet, step on board and find yourself surveying a sophisticated ambience with every seat positioned to best take in the spectacular scenery. A tour aboard Jicoo is sure to be a new experience!

Helicopter Tours
Tokyo has one of the world's most famous skylines. Cruising over Tokyo by helicopter offers a sightseeing tour that promises the participant a chance to soar high over the city and see Tokyo from an amazing vantage point. Fly over during the day and see the city glitter below you. Watch the sun drop behind Mt. Fuji or see Tokyo as it changes to a sea of brilliant lights every night!

Theme 1

Theme 1

Featured Theme - Beer Gardens

Mt. Takao
Already one of Tokyo's best day trip sites, Mt. Takao's picturesque beer garden is perched on a knoll overlooking the valley below. Affectionately called “Beer Mount”, on a clear day or night, the views can be quite spectacular. From July 1 to September 30 enjoy a 2 hour buffet and “all-you-can-drink” draft lager and dark beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks.

Meiji Kinenkan - Sekirei
Situated at Meiji Kinenkan, Sekirei occupies a massive 33,000 square meters. Known to be a site of Meiji Constitution discussions with the Emperor Meiji himself, the main building dates back to Meiji 14 (1881) and is one of Tokyo's more famous Meiji era architectural landmarks. An extensive beverage menu including beer, sake, wine and cocktails as well as a wide-ranging light meal menu serve to compliment the fine surroundings.

Shinjuku Keio Department Store
Department store rooftops become beer gardens all over Tokyo during the summer months. Serving up great food and chilled drinks, these perches over the city are popular places to escape the summer heat or to unwind after a long day. For ease of access and a great location, one of the most convenient is the Keio Department Store beer garden at Shinjuku Station.

Theme 2

Theme 2

Theme 2

Online Resources - Theatre and Broadway Information

Tokyo is a city famous for its food, festivals and fashion but how about for musical theatre as well?

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

New National Theatre


Nissay Theatre

Shiki Theatre

Tokyo Takarazuka


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