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Tokyo Culture Creation Project
The Project provides a variety of events including theater, music, traditional performing arts, and fine arts, aimed at introducing the attraction of Tokyo Metropolitan. An upcoming event is the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony to be held on October 25 & 26 in Hama-rikyu Garden.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Opens
The hotel held its grand opening in July and has over 700 rooms featuring classic Disney characters. Its Victorian design is continued through the hotel from the gardens to the banquet halls.

JR East Pass Special
Between September 1st and December 31st, enjoy unlimited travel on JR East trains over a 3 day period. The ¥10,000 adult and ¥5,000 child passes allow dramatic savings over the purchase of regular round-trip tickets.

Skyliner & METRO PASS
The pass offers convenience and value, allowing pass holders to ride the Skyliner connecting Narita Airport to central Tokyo, as well as unlimited use of the Tokyo Metro lines for one or two consecutive days.

Tokyo City Promotion
In an effort to boost the number of foreign visitors to Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been conducting promotional campaigns in 16 cities since 2002. Join us in Paris (France) on October 10th or Amsterdam (Netherlands) on October 13th for trade fair and tourism industry seminars on visiting Tokyo. For details, please visit:

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February 3, 2009 (Various locations in Tokyo)
Setsubun is a custom welcoming spring dating back centuries. Even the Edo Meisho Zue (Guide to Famous Edo Sites) printed in 1834, mentioned Setsubun at Asakusa's Sensoji Temple. Join the crowds to throw soybeans while shouting “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi” (“Devils out! Fortune in!)
(Link for 2007)

Daruma Kuyo
February 3, 2009 (Nishiarai-daishi Temple, Daishimae Station)
Daruma are good luck dolls for business and for personal good fortune. Come participate in the cycle as old Daruma are returned to the temple and burned en masse in a ceremony led by a buddhist priest and new ones are purchased to improve your fortune for the upcoming year.
(Link for 2008)

Ume Matsuri
February to March (Throughout Tokyo)
From early February to mid-March, parks and gardens across the city mark the arrival of spring with events (Ume Matsuri) under a canopy of pink and white. Ome City's Yoshinobaigo (Yoshino Ume Blossom Village) is one of Kanto's best known ume villages.

For more on Ume Matsuri, please visit:

Takao-san Fire-walking Festival (Hiwatari-sai)
March 8, 2009 (Takaosan Yakuoin Temple, Takao)
A dramatic spring event in Tokyo, the hiwatari-sai or fire-walking festival, is held at Mt. Takao’s Yakuoin Temple. Yamabushi or mountain priests lead believers barefoot over burning coals in a powerful ascetic ritual. The public is also welcome to participate later in the afternoon.
(Link for 2007)

La Folle Journee au Japon
End of April to Beginning of May 2009 (Tokyo International Forum, Yurakucho)
Originating from France, this classical music festival has transformed Tokyo into a musical hall for all ages to enjoy. A different composer is featured each year and around 300 concerts in total include world-class presentations of the great masterpieces. This year will showcase Bach and Europe as well as approximately 400 programs featuring more than 1,700 musicians.
http://www.lfj.jp/lfj_2008e/ (Link for 2008)

April 18, 2009 (Sumida-koen Park, Asakusa)
Every 3rd Saturday in April, Yabusame of the Ogasawara School of Archery, performs at Sumida-koen Park in Asakusa. Moving at speed on horseback, archers in full traditional dress attempt to hit targets set up along a track.
http://www.asakusa-umai.ne.jp/e_asakusa/matsuri/index_spr_e.html#2 http://www.tourism.metro.tokyo.jp/english/tourists/topics_event/topics
(Link for 2008)











Tokyo International Anime Fair
March 18 - 21, 2009 (Odaiba)
The world's largest anime exhibition is held every spring at Tokyo Big Sight and gives visitors the chance to experience spectacular stage performances, movie screenings, exhibitions and even the Tokyo Anime Awards! Located in the appropriately futuristic Odaiba area at Tokyo Big Sight, this is an event for all people who love animation!
Please note that the fair is open to the public on March 20 and 21.

Tokyo Marathon
March 22, 2009 (Shinjuku to Ariake)
Tokyo's large-scale city marathon starts from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. Runners then make their way past the Imperial Palace, through Ginza and Asakusa before completing the course at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake. For updates on the 2009 event, please visit the Tokyo Marathon website.
Please note that registration for the Tokyo Marathon 2009 closes
on September 22nd, 2008


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Cherry Blossoms
Every spring, people in Tokyo gather in parks or along riverbanks to enjoy the awe-inspiring site of thousands of blooming sakura, or cherry blossoms. While there are thousands of sakura viewing sites throughout Tokyo, three stand out as particularly interesting.

Chidorigafuchi (Imperial Palace)
Enjoy the historical setting of the Imperial Palace and its cherry blossom trees, as their reflections decorate the North-Eastern moat. Chidorigafuchi is one of Tokyo's top cherry blossom viewing destinations.

Hama-rikyu Garden
Hama-rikyu Garden is a former Daimyo garden and designated Special Historical Site. Flanked by the glistening towers of the Shiodome business area, Hama-rikyu displays the intriguing contrast between the historical and modern, natural and man-made that makes up Tokyo.


Rikugien Garden
Rikugien Garden was renowned as one of the great gardens of the Edo Period and is now noted for the dramatic sight of its weeping cherry (shidarezakura) trees lit up on Tokyo spring nights.



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Enjoy Coolness in Gardens
Japanese gardens originally began as physical representations of Buddhist or Shinto principles later shifting towards places of relaxation and enjoyment. In the summer season, take advantage of the extended opening hours and visit one of the featured gardens below in the evening to experience the calming effect of their ponds and waterfalls.

Kiyosumi Garden
Kiyosumi Garden features a wonderful pond filled with large Koi (carp), turtles and water fowl, landscaped hills and even isowatari stepping stones. Stroll through the garden and view the 55 huge rocks gathered from across Japan.

Tonogayato Garden
Tonogayato Garden in the western Tokyo city of Kokubunji offers a slightly more rustic, less sculpted setting with its natural ponds (Jiro Benten natural spring), waterfalls and forested area. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the "Shishiodoshi" (water and bamboo colliding with stones).

Old Yasuda Garden
Old Yasuda Garden, or Kyu-Yasuda Teien Garden, began as a samurai residence in the late 17th century and is famed for its tide ponds fed from the Sumida River. On the first weekend of August, "Noryo no Yube" is held allowing visitors to enjoy a summer evening in a traditional setting. Open-air tea ceremonies, traditional musical performances, haiku readings and traditional Japanese festival food and game stalls are all a part of the festivities.

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Theme 3

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