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Peninsula Hotel
The Peninsula Hotels' rich history, glamour and legendary service come to Japan with the opening of its eighth hotel, The Peninsula Tokyo, on September 1, 2007.

7-Eleven ATMs accept foreign cards
As of July 11, 2007, the 12,000 automated teller machines at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan began accepting foreign-issued credit cards and bank cards. Foreign cards displaying VISA/PLUS, MasterCard/Cirrus and American Express logos can now be accepted. Language options for the ATM screen and receipts include English, Korean, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Tokyo reports 4,810,000 foreign tourists visited in 2006
Tokyo continues to be one of the world's leading travel destinations, with nearly 5 million people visiting the city last year alone -- a 6 percent increase from 2005. On any given day, you'll find 35,000 overseas visitors enjoying time in Japan's capital.




September 1 - October 21, 2007
One of Japan’s best-known art forms is the focus of a fascinating new show at the recently relocated Suntory Museum of Art. Situated in the dynamic, newly opened mini-city of Tokyo Midtown, the museum spotlights the art of Japanese folding screens, examining their history and influence from a global perspective.

Suntory Museum


The Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art, located in the bustling Harajuku area of Tokyo, is dedicated to Japan's colorful ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Originating around the beginning of the 17th century, ukiyo-e works by such masters as Hokusai and Hiroshige are renowned for their depictions of nature and city scenes in a colorful, stylized format.

Upcoming exhibitions at the Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art explore works known as "Ayakashi," which depict specters, ghosts, and sorcerers, as well as a series of prints created by renowned ukiyo-e artists during their senior years. These frightening scenes are being featured in the summer as the shivers one receives from viewing them is thought to help cool the body.

(The print featured to the right is "The Actor Nakajima Wadaemon as Bodara Chozaemon and
Nakamura Konozo as Gon of the Kanagawa-ya" by Toshusai Sharaku.)



The yen's recent slide against the world's major currencies means that visiting Tokyo has never been more affordable. Travelers from the US, the UK, Europe and Australia can enjoy one of the world's most exciting cities while sticking to a reasonable budget. Below are examples of the cheapest ways to enjoy Tokyo.

Cup of Coffee
Now available 24 hours a day at most central locations, McDonald's small coffee (175g) is only JPY100 (USD0.85, GBP0.43, EUR0.63, AUSD1.00). Many other fast food outlets offer comparable prices for their comforting cups of coffee.

Sushi Dinner
Sushi prices range from cheap to exorbitant, but for a quality dinner set you need not spend more than JPY2,000 (USD17.00, GBP8.60, EUR12.60, AUSD19.90) at restaurants such as Sushiko. Sushiko also offers individual pieces of sushi from JPY50 to JPY400.
http://www.tsukiji-sushiko.com/shop/SUSH_E0101.htm (Japanese)

Budget Hotel
Not many of the world's top cities offer the abundance of affordable accommodation options that Tokyo does. Search the Tokyo Tourism Info website for listings of hotels offering a night's stay for JPY5,000 (USD42.20, GBP20.84, EUR31.50, AUSD49.60) or less.

Kabuki Show
Experience a live Kabuki show at the famous Kabuki-za Theater in Ginza for only JPY2,500 (USD21.10, GBP10.40, EUR15.75, AUSD24.80) for a single show. http://www.shochiku.co.jp/play/kabukiza/theater/ticket-ordering.html

A single show is ideal for travelers looking for a taste of Kabuki or who are on a tight schedule, whereas a regular program consists of three or four separate shows, the single show option allows one to attend one of the selected shows. Single show tickets are for non-reserved seats and are only available for purchase on the day of the show.

(Rates as of July 30, 2007. Source: Bloomberg)

For more information on getting the most value out of your trip to Tokyo, try the following articles:
Tokyo turnaround: Enjoying Japan's big city for little dough is easy
San Francisco Chronicle

Eating well on a budget in Tokyo, Japan
Los Angeles Times

On the cheap in a costly capital
Houston Chronicle

Affordable Japan - Resource
provided by JNTO





Asakusa Samba Carnival
August 25, 2007 (Asakusa)
Combining the Japanese love of summer celebrations with a passion for street dance, the Asakusa Samba Carnival was started 30 years ago as an innovative way to attract visitors to Asakusa. The carnival is a daylong festival that parades through one of Tokyo’s most scenic neighborhoods.
http://www.asakusa-samba.jp/index.htm (Japanese)

The 51st Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori Festival
August 25 & 26, 2007 (Koenji)
This is one of Tokyo’s largest summer street festivals, with 12,000 participants performing the traditional awa dance to lively music in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

Meguro Sanma Festival
September 16, 2007 (Meguro)
Over 5,000 freshly caught sanma (mackerel) will be grilled and given away at this festival.
http://www.k-macs.ne.jp/~sanma/ (Japanese)

Nedu Gongen Matsuri
September 15, 16 & 21, 2007 (Nezu)
This large-scale end-of-summer matsuri (festival), which takes place in the historic district of Nezu, dates from the Edo Period and is highlighted by performances of traditional Shinto music and dance.
http://www.nedujinja.or.jp/maturi/g.html (Japanese)

Tokyo Jazz
September 20?23, 2007 (Yurakucho)
One of Asia's largest jazz festivals, Tokyo Jazz features a sizzling lineup of international stars as well up-and-coming Japanese artists.
http://www.tokyo-jazz.com/ (Japanese)

Fukuro Matsuri Festival
September 25, 2007 (Ikebukuro)
This autumn festival held in the Ikebukuro area features colorful "Tokyo Yosakoi" dance performances and 17 large-size portable shrines carried by more than 8,000 people. Yosakoi is a unique, energetic dance style that originated in the city of Kochi and combines traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music.
*URL not available.

Edo Tenka Matsuri
September 29-30, 2007 (Hibiya Park)
Held every other year in central Tokyo, the Edo Tenka Matsuri begins at Hibiya Park and makes its way to the Imperial Palace Plaza. Highlights include the Dashi Mikoshi Parade (portable shrines) and Edo craftmanship demonstrations.
http://www.chiyoda-days.jp/edotenkamatsuri2007/index.html (Japanese)

20th Tokyo International Film Festival
October 20-28, 2007 (Roppongi & Shibuya)
One of the world's twelve largest international film festivals and Japan’s only officially approved international film festival. Screenings are held at the TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills and the Bunkamura Complex in Shibuya.

Tokyo Designer's Week 2007
October 31-November 4, 2007 (Meiji Jingu Gaien)
Tokyo's premier gathering of designers joined by lifestyle-design related companies, schools, embassies, and media. This celebration of design is held at Meiji Jingu Gaien.

To view a list of upcoming events, please click the link below:
http://www.tourism.metro.tokyo.jp/english/citypromotion/tokyo_today/eng_0707.pdf (PDF)






Jorudan Route Search
Jorudan's Route Search is an online English-language service that lets visitors find the fastest and/or cheapest route to and from anywhere in Japan. The extensive database combines the routes and schedules of all major train lines, plus airlines and boats.

Tokyo Transfer Guide
Tokyo's rail system is one of the most efficient and affordable in the world, with helpful staff, and station information posted in English. Now a new website called Tokyo Transfer Guide helps riders find their way around all the major railways, including the Toei Subway, Tokyo Metro and other lines in and around Tokyo.



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