The Suntory Museum of Art (Re-opened)
"Art revisited, beauty revealed" - The soothing new facility, twice as large as the previous location features educational facilities, tea rooms and a combined shop and cafe.

The National Arts Center, Tokyo
The building itself is a work of art with an awe inspiring wave-like exterior and an interior that features a 14,000 square meter space - the largest in Japan - to visiting exhibitions.

Shin-Marunouchi Building Opens
The new, 38-story, Shin-Marunouchi Building offers an eclectic mix of 40 restaurants and bars and 113 shops and service outlets offers a complete day out in one building.

National Arts Center Tokyo


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Over 900,000 spectators flock to banks of the Sumida River annually to view the dazzling display of over 20,000 fireworks, which are fired from two platforms along the river. Many spectators arrive in the early afternoon, put down a sheet along the river and enjoy drinking and eating with friends. While at the festival, try some of the food stall fare such as corn on the cob and skewers of chicken yakitori.

Fireworks festivals provide the perfect occasion to wear your yukata (light cotton kimono). For more information on yukatas & on how to wear them, visit the link below.

Sumida River Fireworks Festival is to be held on Saturday, July 28 in the Asakusa/Ryogoku area.

Sumida River Fireworks


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A replica of the original Nihonbashi Bridge marks the start of the permanent exhibition which takes you on a journey from the time Tokyo was established as Edo 400 years ago by Tokugawa Ieyasu, to insightful exhibitions and artifacts on modern day Tokyo.

Learn about and experience the humble beginnings and dynamic history of one of the world's greatest cities at the Edo Tokyo Museum. Special exhibits are also held throughout the year highlighting different aspects of Tokyo.

Edo Tokyo Museum


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Tokyo Free Ticket (Tokyo Free Kippu)
Unlimited use of Toei Streetcars, Toei Buses, Toei Subways, Tokyo Metro and/or JR East lines within the Tokyo wards for one day!
[ Adult: ¥1,580, Child: ¥790 ]

Tokyo Metro Special Open Ticket for Tourists
Unlimited use of Tokyo Metro lines for one day.
[ Adult: ¥710, Child: ¥360 ]

Tokyo Metro 2-Day Open Ticket & 1-Day Tourist Open Ticket
Save 30% for two days or 15% for one day, compared with the price of One-Day Open Ticket available in Tokyo. Available only at Narita Airport.
[ 2 Day - Adult: ¥980, Child ¥490 ]
[ 1 Day - Adult: ¥600, Child ¥300 ]

Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass (Tokunai Pass)
Unlimited travel within the Tokyo Metropolitan District Area for one whole day on trains running on JR East lines.
[ Adult: ¥730, Child ¥360 ]

Holiday Pass
Unlimited travel in the greater Tokyo area on holidays on JR East (local and rapid service), Tokyo Monorail and Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit (TWR) lines. The unlimited travel areas include Yokohama, Kamakura, Saitama and Chiba. Only available on holidays.
[ Adult ¥2,300, Child ¥1,150 ]

2-Day Open Ticket - Tokyo Metro


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23rd Tokyo Summer Festival 2007
July to August (Various locations)
The theme of this year’s festival is ‘islands’. Musical performances from around the globe and of a wide variety of genres will take place at locations throughout the city.

Hozuki-Ichi (Lantern Plant Fair)
July 9/10 (Sensoji Temple, Asakusa)
200 year old festival in Sensoji Temple in Asakusa with 450 stalls selling Hozuki (Lantern Plants) which have been grown in Edogawa area of Tokyo and 350 other stalls selling traditional festival snacks and gifts.

Antique Jamboree
July 14-16 (Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba)
One of the biggest antique shows in Japan with a wide range of Japanese and foreign antiques sold by more than 500 dealers.

Kagurazaka Matsuri Festival
July 25-28 (Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku)
The main attractions of this summer festival in Kagurazaka are the spirited Awaodori Dancing Parade and the Hozuki (Latern Plant) market. (Japanese)

Ryogoku Yukata de Guide Tour
August 4 (Ryogoku)
Spend a summer evening wearing a Yukata & Geta (wooden sandals) while enjoying a traditional Japanese tea party and street fair featuring Bon-odori dancing & traditional music.

Fukagawa Hachiman Festival
August 11 - 15 (Sensoji Temple, Asakusa)
Nicknamed the waterthrowing festival, this is one of Tokyo's wildest festivals and one of the top 3 by size attracting over half a million people. (Japanese)

Wa-odori (Tokyo International Bon Odori Festival)
August 11 (Asakusa, Taito-ku)
Last year more than 4,500 participants danced and walked in the Asakusa area. A great opportunity for foreign tourists to participate in the festival and dress up in Yukatas (summer kimono).

Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival
August 11 at 7:00 pm (Harumi Futo Pier, Minato-ku)
Fireworks will dazzle and paint the night sky over Tokyo Bay with 12,000 rounds of fireworks. (Japanese)



Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks

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Helps you answer all your questions about Japan, from facts, culture, entertainment, shopping and more! Available in English, Chinese and Korean.

A site that assists independent travelers to Japan with travel information and hotel + ryokan bookings.



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