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*Tokyo Midtown to be Inaugurated in March
*Grutt Pass 2007
*Money Saving Ticket "Suica & N'EX", Available in March
*Sapia Tower, Adjacent to Tokyo Station, Commences Hotel & Conference Hall
*Details on Tokyo City Promotion in Australia Confirmed
*Report on the First Tokyo Marathon
*Tokyo Metropolitan News - Business Scheme outlined for the Fiscal Year

-Tokyo Midtown to be Inaugurated in March
A new "town" is born in Roppongi on March 30th, 2007.  Hotels, residences,
offices, business and cultural facilities, hospitals, parks, and more will
come close to the 10-hectare ground.  As main features, the Suntory Museum
of Art will resume its operation in the new location, and The Ritz-Carlton,
Tokyo, the high-grade hotel, will launch a business on the top floors of
the 248-meter-high Midtown Tower.  The hottest spot in Tokyo at this
Location: Within 9-chome, Akasaka of Minato Ward
Access: Scheduled to be accessible directly from Roppongi Station on the
Toei Subway Oedo Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
3-min. walk from Nogizaka Sta. on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

-Grutt Pass 2007
A "Grutt Pass" is a multi-museum admission pass covering 56 facilities of
art galleries and museums in Tokyo for 2,000yen.  The member institutions
in "Grutt Pass" have increased in number this year, and your trip will be
more convenient than before.
Available at: Art galleries, museums, tourist information centers, etc. in
On sale: April 1st, 2007
http://www.museum.or.jp/grutto/about-e.html (information for 2006)

-Money Saving Ticket "Suica & N'EX", Available in March
The one-way ticket (boarding ticket and reserved seat express ticket) from
Narita Airport to the Tokyo area by Narita Express (N'EX) and the Suica
(1,500 yen's worth of IC card), which is convenient for traveling the Tokyo
metropolitan area, are available as a 3,500 yen money-saving set only for
visitors from abroad.

-Sapia Tower, Adjacent to Tokyo Station, Commences Hotel & Conference Hall
In the coming March, Sapia Tower will stand close to the Nihombashi ticket
gates of JR Tokyo Station. There is an undergoing redevelopment project in
the district including the construction of the twin towers "GranTokyo
North/South Tower" and restoration work of Tokyo Station Building. The
Sapia Tower consists of three major zones: a hotel zone with The Hotel
Metropolitan Marunouchi (open May 24th), a conference zone with The Tokyo
Station Conference (open May 7th), and an office zone.
With the outstanding accessibility of the "Sapia Tower" directly connected
to Tokyo Station and a 53-minute ride from Narita Airport, it will be your
powerful support for business and leisure.

Details on Tokyo City Promotion in Australia Confirmed
- The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold the first "Tokyo City
Promotion", some seminars and a business meeting combined, for the tourism
professionals in Australia. Many major suppliers in Tokyo will participate
in the event.  We welcome those nearby to also join.
- Sydney: The Westin Sydney, Tue. March 13th, 2007
- Melbourne: Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Thu. March 15th, 2007
    * For advanced registrations, please contact:
     okyo City Promotion - Local Administrative Office in Sydney
                 TEL: 02-9338-2376
                 Email: info@tokyocitypromotion.com.au

- In Sydney, a public event "Tokyo Fiesta" will be held on Mon.
  March 12th.
- Also, ad-wrapped busses are scheduled to run the streets of
  Sydney and Melbourne cities in March.

Report on the First Tokyo Marathon
- The First Tokyo Marathon was held on February 18th.  With 30,870
participants altogether (approx. 2,000 participants from abroad), including
competitors for a full marathon and a 10-km marathon, the sport event
marked one of the top-level marathon races held in Asia. Many events and
stamp rallies that were planned coincided with the Tokyo Marathon and
helped spectators as well as runners join the enjoyable Tokyo Marathon
Festa 2007.

Tokyo Metropolitan News
-- Business Scheme Outlined for the Fiscal Year 2007
The metropolitan Tokyo's business scheme has been outlined for the fiscal
year 2007.  Inbound promotions will continuously include business meetings
and seminars outside the country.  Fam trips, media support programs, and
the assignment of the "Tourism Representatives of Tokyo" acting as a window
to Tokyo's tourist information services in abroad.  These schemes will
contribute effectively to transmitting the charm of Tokyo worldwide for
inviting many more visitors to Tokyo.  We would like to solicit your
continuous support and cooperation in our projects.
The current website for the city's promotional activities:

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