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- The state of hotels in a Tokyo that is changing


- Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau Meeting Planner's Guide issued!

- Compatibility of Suica and PASMO services to commence in March 2007!

- Tokyo City Promotion events to be held in Sydney and Melbourne in March


- Event Information

- Renewal of Tokyo's official website!


- The state of hotels in a Tokyo that is changing 

Many new hotels are opening in Tokyo. Along with the Ginza Washington Hotel 

(English site open! http://www.wh-rsv.com/english/ginza/index.html), 

which was introduced in the previous issue, the hotels below will also be opened 

in a few years. 

The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo (March 2007) http://www.ritzcarlton.com/hotels/tokyo/ 

Opened within the premises of Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)! 

The Peninsula Tokyo (September 2007)  http://www.peninsula.com/tokyo.html 

Located in Hibiya, which is right near Marunouchi and Ginza. 

Reservations can be made as of spring in March and April, 2007! 

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo (March 2009)  


The first Shangri-La Hotel in Japan! Very conveniently located in the 

Marunouchi area - 1 min. by walk from Tokyo Station and within 10 mins. by 

walk from areas such as the Imperial Palace and the Nihonbashi area. 

The hotels below are scheduled to close. 

Capitol Tokyu Hotel 

Closes on November 30th for reconstruction. Scheduled for reopening in 2010. 

Sofitel Tokyo 

Facilities in Ueno close on December 19th. Scheduled to open in another 

location within Tokyo under the Sofitel brand name. 



An English site is scheduled to be opened soon. 

THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO will be opened in Roppongi on January 

21st, 2007. 

This art gallery does not have any collections and holds various exhibitions 

making use of the country's largest exhibition space. In addition, it is a new type 

of art museum that fulfills its role as an art center through such activities as 

providing information and materials concerning art, and promoting in education. 


Nearest Stations: Nogizaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, 

Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line / Toei Subway Oedo Line 

Closed: Tuesdays (open when Tuesdays are on holidays, and closed 

on following days), December 29th to January 3rd

- Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau Meeting Planner's Guide issued! 

The Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) has issued the "Tokyo Meeting 

Planner's Guide 2007-2008", which comprehensively offers meeting planner's from 

abroad with the information on conventions in Tokyo. This guide introduces eighty 

two facilities, such as convention venues, hotels, special reception halls, 

restaurants, etc. that meet the needs of meeting planners from abroad. 

Furthermore, there is plenty of information that introduces Japanese culture 

experience programs, traditional performing arts, etc. in detail. 

This guide can be downloaded from the website in the near future. 

Contact:  Ms.Toda or Ms.Takahashi  convention@tcvb.or.jp  


- Tie-up of Suica and PASMO services launching in March 2007! 


A joint "IC farecard compatibility service" in the Tokyo metropolitan area with the 

new IC card "PASMO" that is mutual between others in the transportation and bus 

industries in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and the "Suica", which is issued by JR 

East, will be launched in March 2007. 

Most private railways, subway lines, and busses in the Metropolitan area can all be 

accessed with this one card, which is the broadest IC card network in the world 

providing boundless convenience in transportation. 

- Tokyo City Promotion in Australia in March 2007 

Business meetings and seminars are scheduled to be held in Sydney and Melbourne 

in mid-March of 2007. 

Tokyo City Promotion events that promote Tokyo tourist information and include 

business meetings between tourist agents from Tokyo and local agents will be held 

in Australia. We are looking forward seeing you there. 

Details will be shown on The Tokyo website soon. 

Further information will also be provided in the next issue of e-Tokyo Today. 

- Event Information 

Christmas Illuminations 

Tokyo is filled with Christmas illuminations during the winter. Some of the 

famous spots where the illuminations can be enjoyed are Odaiba, Harajuku, 

Ebisu, and Shinjuku. Please be sure to enjoy a nightly stroll in a Tokyo of 

festive lights that can only be experienced during this season. The illuminations

can still be enjoyed at many locations until around February, even after the main

events are over.

· Roppongi Hills 

http://www.roppongihills.com/jp/events/christmas2006.html (Japanese) 

November 7th to December 25th "Eternal Moment" 

Keyakizaka Street, 66 Plaza, and Mouri Garden will all be filled with original 

illuminations themed on "Snow (white)", brightening up the entire area. 

· Marunouchi Area 

November 7th to December 25th "Bright Christmas" 

About a million lights will shine along the tree-lined Marunouchi Naka-Dori 

Street, which joins Otemachi and Yurakucho. An 8m-tall Christmas tree themed 

on red will appear along with various events during this season at the stairwell 

on the first floor of the Marunouchi Building. 

· Tokyo Tower 

http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/333/index.html (Japanese) 

November 3rd to December 25th 

A 15m-tall Christmas tree (one of the largest in Tokyo) with 15,000 illuminations 

and ornaments will be displayed along with many works of art in the area such 

as a railroad train of lights. 

The "Light Down Legend" has it that couples who watch the lights of Tokyo 

Tower go off together will be happy forever. Lights go off from 20:00 to 20:30 

every night from December 5th to December 25th only during this season. 

Tokyo Marathon http://www.tokyo42195.org/index_e.html 

Tokyo Marathon 2007 - one of Asia's greatest marathon where thirty thousand runners 

will participate (held on February 18th, 2007). In conjunction with Tokyo 

Marathon, Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2007 (admission free) will be held at Tokyo 

Dome on February 16th and 17th. Not only runners but anyone else can enjoy 

this EXPO, where sponsor products and official goods will be sold, and 

various attractions. In addition, various events along the course in the city that 

runners as well as supporters and local residents can enjoy will be held on the day 

of the marathon. 

Please be sure to come and check it out. 

*Temporary Tourist information centers for visitors from abroad will be located at the 

EXPO hall, Hibiya Park hall, and Ariake hall. 

TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ANIME FAIR http://www.tokyoanime.jp/en/ 

Date and Time: March 22nd and 23rd 2007  - business days, 

March 24th and 25th  - public days Place: TOKYO BIG SIGHT 

TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ANIME FAIR is one of the largest comprehensive anime fairs 

in the world and is held every March at TOKYO BIG SIGHT. With an assortment of 

" fairs " where various animation-related companies have booths set up, "events" 

where spectacular shows, theater screenings & exhibitions, etc. are held, and 

the"TOKYO ANIME AWARD", where excellent animations are honored, this 

fair is gathering attention from all around the world. 



(web page for 2006) 

Date and Time: In the beginning of May 2007 Place: Tokyo International Forum 

The "Day of Enthusiasm" music festival that is spotlighted as the most exciting 

classic music festival in the world. This is the hot event that opens the way to new 

possibilities of tourism in Tokyo. The next event is scheduled to be held in the

beginning of May 2007. The theme of this music festival is "Harmony of the people". 

Splendid masterpieces by artists such as Tchaikovsky and Dvo?ak will be performed 

during the event. 

- Renewal of Tokyo's official website "Tokyo Tourism Info"! 


Basic tourism information as well as information on traditional food culture, 

reasonable meals, Japanese culture, entertainment, and more is available in nine 

different languages. 

Please proceed from the banner on the right side at the top page. 

Tokyo Guide TV, which introduces popular tourist spots of Tokyo through images, 

can also be accessed with one click. Find information on Tokyo that you have never 

known before through clear images and narrations (English only), and use them to 

help with your explanations to your customers. 

(example: English version page) 


Timely Tokyo - which includes reports from the point of view of non-Japanese 

residents living in Tokyo - is also being updated. 

The contents differ by the language, please check and see what kind of contents are 

included on the website you visit.(example: English version page) 


Please send us your comments regarding new websites, e-Tokyo Today, etc. 

E-mail: To news@tcvb.or.jp (Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau). 

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