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Welcome to Tokyo Metropolis, where traditional and advanced cultures 

coexist! Come and discover the allure of Tokyo you have never seen. 

Tokyo awaits you with a true spirit of hospitality.

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- The details of TOKYO CITY PROMOTION (U.S.A.) have been decided

- The convenient logo mark, '' English OK! ''

- The Ginza Washington Hotel will be opened

- Event information from September 2006

- Tokyo volunteer tour guide activities

- Did you know? Convenience in Tokyo is in tickets

- Event Report - Wa Odori (Japanese Dance)


- The details of TOKYO CITY PROMOTION (U.S.A.) have been decided 

The dates, times, and locations of the Tokyo city promotion events 

mentioned in the previous have been decided!

- - - - Chicago - - - - 

  24th Oct  3:00pm - 

    Business Meeting & Seminar (business day) 

    @ Crowne Plaza Chicago O'hare 

- - - - New York - - - - 

  26th Oct  3:00pm - 

    Business Meeting & Seminar (business day) 

    @ Gotham Hall 

  27th Oct to 28th Oct 

    Tokyo Fiesta (public event) 

    @ Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal 

About twenty suppliers from Tokyo and Tokyo Convention & Visitors 

Bureau will provide the latest information on Tokyo along with travel 

components on these days. 

An online registration site for the business meetings has opened. 

We will be eagerly awaiting your registration. 



New York 


- The convenient logo mark, '' English OK! '' 

Have you ever had difficulty in communicating even in a popular 


Next time, look for a restaurant with the '' English OK! '' logo mark! 

This logo mark not only represents restaurants that have menus in 

English and staff members who can speak English, but it also shows that 

they are highly international restaurants that provide guests from abroad 

with the spirit of warm hospitality. 

Such places can be searched in advance through the website so be sure 

to check it out to find that great restaurant you have been looking for! 


- The Ginza Washington Hotel will be opened 

The high-class Washington Hotel opens in Ginza in October. 

In addition to allowing you to enjoy the sophisticated Ginza area, it is 

perfect as the base point for business and sightseeing as it is located 

only three minutes walk from Ginza Station. 

The amenities such as the massage chairs and foot baths that are 

prepared in the rooms, all of which have high-speed Internet connections, 

provide guests with time of rest and relaxation for soothing the tiredness 

from business and sightseeing. 


- Event information from September 2006 

[ JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair 21, 22 Sep to 24 Sep ] 


The largest tourism exhibition in Asia. It will be coming soon! 

[ YOKOSO! JAPAN Travel Mart ] 


Business meetings will be held along with the JATA World Tourism 

Congress & Travel Fair this year, too. 

[ Tokyo International Film Festival 2006  21 Oct to 29 Oct 2006 ] 


All productions have been decided upon by judges such as 

review committee members! 

[There are various activities at the end of the year.] 

Events such as the Rooster Fair (4, 16 and 28 Nov) and the New Year's 

Eve Bell Tolling (31 Dec) are held at various temples and shrines all 

around Tokyo such as Sensoji Temple and Kan'ei-ji Temple in Ueno. 

* The Bird Fair (4, 16 and 28 Nov) 

  There are bamboo rakes with various decorations on sale. 

  These bamboo rakes are lucky charms that ''rake up'' happiness and 

  good fortune. 

* New Year's Eve Bell Tolling (31 Dec) 

  A hundred and eight bells are rung at various temples on New Year's 

  Eve, praying that the coming year will be a good year. 

Event information here 


- Tokyo volunteer tour guide activities

 There are many volunteer tour guide organizations in Tokyo. 

The ''Tokyo City Guide Club'' in this issue can accommodate 

visitors in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English. The package 

tours that Tokyo city guides provide are already available through 

major travel agencies in Japan. Furthermore, the club has twenty three 

original city walking courses ready, and pamphlets in multiple 

languages are coming soon! 

Guide Fees : 

1 Group (up to ten visitors) 4,000 yen. 

400 yen extra for each visitor in groups of eleven or more 

(2.5 to 3 hour courses / please contact us for further details). 

Applications & Inquiries : 

Tokyo City Guide Club Office (Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau) 

Suzuyo Kawada  kawada@tcvb.or.jp 

(Applications accepted until ten days before the desired date.) 

- Did you know? Convenience in Tokyo is in tickets 

Metropolitan Park Welcome Tickets 

The best time to see autumnal leaves in Tokyo is between mid November 

and early December. There are many parks in Tokyo that you can choose 

your favorite spots for viewing these leaves from. 

Entrance fees for metropolitan gardens are 20% off when this Welcome 

Ticket is presented at the gates. In addition, the Tokyo Mizube Cruising 

Line Water Cruises can be enjoyed at 10% off. 

Available at major hotels and various tourist associations. 

Information on metropolitan parks & Mizube Cruising Line here 


- Event Report - Wa Odori (Japanese Dance) 

*BON Odori Festivals are traditional Japanese events that are held in 

various locations in summer, and help promote the peace and conformity 

of the areas that they are held. In ''Tokyo International BON Odori 

Festival'' which was held for the first time this year on August 10th, 4,500 

people danced and walked in the Asakusa area in a 2-kilometer circle with 

''The World Greatest BON Odori Festival'' as the catch phrase. 

Foreign participants such as overseas students living in Tokyo and 

tourists also joined in with the ''Geisha'' and local dance groups of 

Asakusa in colorful *yukatas to enjoy this international BON Odori festival. 

It is scheduled to be held again next year at around the same time. 

The ''Wa'' in ''Wa Odori'' means both ''Japanese'' and ''Harmony''. 

People from all over the world dancing together to form a friendly circle of 

Harmony... That is the kind of harmonious dance that we think would be 

perfect for you. 

*BON:  the period when ancient spirits come back 

*yukata:  a single-layer summer kimono

Photos Taken on that Day (text is in Japanese only) 



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