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 Welcome to Tokyo Metropolis, where traditional and advanced cultures coexist!

 Come and discover the allure of Tokyo you have never seen. Tokyo awaits you

 with a true spirit of hospitality.

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  · TOKYO CITY PROMOTION is to be held in New York and Chicago in October 2006.

  · The contents of TOKYO MARATHON FESTA have been decided.

  · Event information from October 2006.

  · Did you know? Convenience in Tokyo is in tickets.

  · "Tokyo Tourism Website" scheduled to be renewed in July.


 TOKYO CITY PROMOTION to be held in New York and Chicago in October 2006


B to B business negotiation meetings and seminars will be held in New York and

Chicago in 2006. The public event, "Tokyo Fiesta" is also scheduled to be held at the

same time in New York. Details will be provided later. We look forward to seeing you

all there. TOKYO CITY PROMOTION is a promotional event that Tokyo has been held in

both Europe and the United States since 2002.

http://www.tourism.metro.tokyo.jp/english/citypromotion/ (2005 version)


 The contents of TOKYO MARATHON FESTA have been decided


Asia's largest TOKYO MARATHON is to be held for the first time in Tokyo on February

18th, 2007. We are looking for 25,000 participants for the full-length marathon, and

5,000 participants for the 10 km marathon. Applications for participation can be made

as of June 18th through the official website. It is an exciting course that includes

popular sightseeing spots of Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Asakusa, and Tokyo Tower.

TOKYO MARATHON's Official Website  http://www.tokyo42195.org/index_e.html

JTB offers 8 days 6 nights packages for the road runners at reasonable prices as an

official licensed travel agent for the Tokyo Marathon 2007. Contact following offices

for more information about the package.

For agents/media in USA

JTB USA Manhattan Office

Tel:  +1-800-235-3523

E-mail:  mht@jtbusa.com

For agents/media in European countries


Tel:  +44-20-8237-1620

E-mail:  hideki_saito@jtb-europe.com


 Event information from October 2006


[ Tokyo International Film Festival 2006  21 OCT - 29 OCT ]


The 19th holding of Asia's grandest film festival. Entries for presentations have

already begun.



The INTERNATIONAL ANIME FAIR was a great success last year. Nearly 100,000 visitors are

expected to come both from around the country and around the world this year to

participate in the exhibitions, presentations, symposiums, interactive events for fans,

conventions, and more.

[ "La Folle Journee - Days of Enthusiasm - Music Festival 2007" ]

http://www.t-i-forum.co.jp/function/news/data/051012_english.html (2006 version)

La Folle Journee Music Festival was first held in Nantes, France. A thousand or more

performers from around the globe will gather to play in wonderful concerts that are about

45 minutes long for only 1,500 yen. Planned to also be held in early May 2007.

[ TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2007  27 OCT - 01 NOV ]


Not scheduled to be held in 2006, but plans are being made for 2007.


 Did you know? Convenience in Tokyo is in tickets


In this major city where the convenient transit system is composed of the subway lines,

JR lines, streetcars, etc., the way to fully enjoy Tokyo is by becoming accustomed to

this public transportation system.

The one-day travel passes that have recently been introduced have discount rates on various

tourist facilities.

[Tokyo Subway One-Day Travel Passes  710 yen]

With discounts, privileges, etc. on 44 facilities in Tokyo such as Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

National Museum, and more. Available at Tokyo Metro station booths.

[Limousine Bus & Metro Passes (Narita to Central Tokyo Area)  3,100 yen]

One-way limousine bus tickets from Narita Airport to various locations within the city and

full-day passes for all Tokyo Metro lines. Available at Narita Airport, Tokyo City Air

Terminal, and all limousine ticket counters.

http://www.tokyometro.jp/e/ (Tokyo Metro)


 "Tokyo Tourism Website" scheduled to be renewed in July


The renewal of this website that is so full of Tokyo tourist information. In addition to the

seven languages (Japanese, English Chinese (simplified), Korean, German, Italian, and Spanish)

that it has already been available in, it will also be available in Chinese (traditional) and

French to allow even more visitors to view the site in their native languages. Furthermore,

it will be more complete with contents related to Japan's food culture, which is gaining

worldwide popularity, and "Timely Tokyo", which includes reports from the point of view of

non-Japanese residents living in Tokyo, so please access the website and gather all the tourist

information that you need.



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