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Setsubun-e Celebration
Setsubun-e Celebration

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Setsubun-e Celebration 節分会

One of the most famous parts of Setsubun is the bean tossing that takes place at shrines and temples in various locations. This ritual was first performed for the common people at Sensoji Temple, and the large scale of that event is preserved in drawings of famous places in old Edo. Unlike at other places, people don't say, "Demons go away!" Instead, they say, "Long life and good fortune, come in!" because there are no demons in front of Kannon (the Buddhist deity of mercy). The Fukuju-no-mai Dance (Seven Deities of Good Fortune Dance) is one of Sensoji's three most famous rituals. After it is performed, famous performers and cultural figures connected with Asakusa toss beans and bring liveliness to the precincts as part of the "Asakusa Performer and Cultural Figure Setsubun Event" (hosted by the Asakusa Tourism Federation).

* Asakusa Celebrity and Cultural Figure Setsubun-e Event from around 16:00


Opening Hours

  • The parade starts at 11:30 and 13:30

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