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Scientific Technologies

Daiichi Sankyo Kusuri Museum

A facility where visitors can enjoy and learn about medicine using CG images and experience-based ga...

Address : Chuo-ku

Panasonic Center Tokyo

The center is a Panasonic showroom where visitors can interact with the latest products and technolo...

Address : Koto-ku

Sony ExploraScience

A science museum that explores ‘light’, ‘sound’ and ‘entertainment’,presented by Sony. Visitors can ...

Address : Minato-ku

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

Miraikan is a science museum where visitors can enjoy learning advanced science, including earth env...

Address : Koto-ku

Gas Science Museum

The museum is a facility for enjoyable learning about the roles and features of energy and gas that ...

Address : Koto-ku

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

The institute is an organization that gives technical assistance to small and medium enterprises. It...

Address : Koto-ku

TEPIA Advanced Technology Exhibition Hall

Visitors can enjoy and experience Japan’s advanced technologies for robots, medical services, disast...

Address : Minato-ku

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

The central facility of Japan's astronomy, where international research is conducted by internal and...

Address : Mitaka-shi

National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

The only comprehensive science museum that represents Japan. There are two permanent exhibition room...

Address : Taito-ku


TeNQ is an entertainment museum designed to deepen visitors’ knowledge about the universe from vario...

Address : Bunkyo-ku

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